What is it?


Digital badges are a visual representation of your competency, achievement and experience. All digital badges contain metadata, i.e. information about the badge name, description, image, badge issuing organization details.

IAL is launching the following Digital Badges - Roles Badges and Skills Badges. 

  • Role Badges demonstrate attainment of a related set of of skills specialisations defined in the TAE Skills Framework; it signals your embodiment of a defined TAE identity under the broad role of an AE. 
  • Skills Badges demonstrate attainment of specialised skills under the various skills families.



Be Distinct with Digital Badging through

One-Stop Skills Credentialing


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Digital Badging through One-Stop Skills Credentialing initiative is currently catered only for a pilot group, and is not meant for general consumption at this juncture. More information will be released in year 2021. We seek your kind understanding on the matter. Thank you.


Did you know there are an estimated 20,000 professionals working in Singapore’s Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector? As enterprises, how can you maximise learning and development return on investment? As Adult Educators (AEs), how can you stand out in a competitive marketplace?

With IAL’s Digital Badges, now you can!


Who is it for?


Digital Badging is for anyone in the TAE sector who has demonstrated competence in practice – whether you are an aspiring, experienced or established TAE professional. Digital Badging provides a systematic pathway to the pinnacle of TAE professional recognition under the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) initiative. 

Existing AEPs can also gain from earning badges to signal attainment of specialised skill-sets increasingly sought after in the dynamic TAE sector.

How does it create value?

For Aspiring and Established AEs

The Badge Earners

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Digital Badging distinguishes you as a practitioner with competencies across a range of established and emerging TAE skills that have translated into actual value created for the workforce and/or workplace. It also signals your commitment to professional excellence, which is crucial when you are soliciting for more business.

For Enterprises and Training Providers

The Badge Consumers

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Digital Badging will help you as enterprises and training providers, to locate quality-assured professionals with TAE specialised competencies that can meet your business needs with greater efficiency and effectiveness. It extends beyond reliance on formal qualifications alone as a proxy of competence.

Institute for Adult Learning (IAL)

The Badge Issuer

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Digital Badging is designed to integrate with the national-level Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) initiative endorsed by SkillsFuture Singapore. It builds on IAL's capabilities as the sole administrator of AEP.