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As Enterprises and Training Providers, Digital Badging will help you to locate quality-assured professionals with TAE specialised competencies that can meet your business needs with greater efficiency and effectiveness. It extends beyond reliance on formal qualifications alone as a proxy of competence. As enterprises, Digital Badging and the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) recognition will help you distinguish quality TAE professionals that suit your business needs.


How do TAE Professionals earn Digital Badges?


A robust process is set up to distinguish TAE professionals beyond formal qualifications to include validation of actual value creation for the workforce and/or workplaces through solid client endorsements. Now, you can identify TAE professionals who have invested time and effort in continuously honing their craft and innovating in their practice to be leading the TAE sector. 

IAL is launching the following badge types: 

  • Role badges demonstrate attainment of a related set of of skills specialisations defined in the TAE Skills Framework; it signals AE’s embodiment of a defined TAE identity under the broad role of an AE. 
  • Skills badges demonstrate attainment of specialised skills under the various skills families.

TAE professionals who have earned Digital Badges have shown the following depth and breadth of their practice as evidence to qualify:

Showcased their pedagogical and domain expertise

  • Highest Educational Qualification
  • Resume 
  • Professional Qualification (i.e. pedagogical expertise)
  • Other Professional Industry Qualifications (i.e. your domain expertise)

Exhibited Value Creation

  • Showcased their breadth of expertise by collating 2 work portfolios from 2 different organisations or business units/clients

Exhibited Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Showcased theirtotal number of Continuing Professional Development hours
  • Elaborated on 2 verifiable CPD activities and its impact on their practice (one of which has to be domain specific) 

Exhibited Currency in Practice

  • Client testimonials submitted through a client endorsement form

Where can I find these TAE professionals?  


TAE professionals who have earned Digital Badges and/or recognised under the AEP initiative can display their badges on the following platforms.

  • Badgr
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Website 
  • Namecard 
  • Resume

As enterprises, you may now look out for these quality marks to distinguish these TAE professionals. 


Looking for a sample of a Badgr profile? Click here.