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Learning Design Tips To Better Engage Learners


Over the years, e-learning has gained widespread adoption by organisations as a means to train and develop their employees. Despite its affordability, convenience and flexibility, the biggest challenge faced by e-learning is its ability to ensure that learners receive a good learning experience. In order to create good learning experiences that engage learners, adult educators and trainers who design e-learning programmes often need to ensure that they have good learning design strategies. So, what are some foolproof learning design tactics to better engage learners?

In an easy-to-read infographic by global learning solutions provider CommLab India, Gopichand Nakka offers a snapshot of 10 learning design strategies on how to develop better and more engaging e-learning courses. Some of his tips include:

  1. Set meaningful learning objectives: Learning objectives should be clear, in order to help learners stay on track.
  2. Stick to a simple course structure: Keeping to a simple and straightforward course structure will help learners feel more confident of crossing any hurdles in their training.
  3. Use case studies: Using case studies at appropriate intervals will help to keep learners interested.
  4. Include scenarios: Engage learners with realistic scenarios which are relevant to the content.

To access more tips and view the infographic, click here.