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Inaugural InnovPlus Challenge Spurs Collaboration Among Learning Innovation Providers & CET Practitioners



What happens when minds keen on solving CET-related challenges with technology and innovation come together? An array of diverse and cutting edge ideas and learning innovations spring forward, benefitting the CET community and beyond.

Anchored as iN.LAB’s flagship initiative, InnovPlus is a form of hackathon designed to bring together technology and learning solution partners to derive solutions for the CET sector via rapid prototype development. It is part of the larger iN.LEARN 2020 national strategy to boost innovation in the CET sector.

Over several weeks, the teams explored and worked to solve pre-identified CET challenges — from developing an engaging training solution for new startups with a millennial workforce across different work locations, to creating an immersive environment through virtual reality for a workplace safety and health training programme.

On 26 April 2016, the seven shortlisted challenge teams pitched their innovative learning solutions at the inaugural InnovPlus Challenge.

Ultimately, three teams emerged as winners of the Flame Award. They were: Goh IGS & Automation, led by Managing Director Mr Dilong Goh; Wong Fong Academy, led by Head Business Services, Ms Judith Chew; and Bootstrap, led by CEO Dr Lynda Wee.

With the Flame Award, the winners would be eligible to secure prototype development grants of up to $200,000 each. This seed funding will be used to complete and trial their pitched prototypes within a window of six months. Upon completion, winners would have opportunities to share their experiences and prototypes with the CET community at iN.LAB’s showcase as well as leverage on iN.LAB’s network to market their concepts to other relevant organisations.

Two teams, Salad Stop and Wing Tai Retail Management, also won the Spark Award with cash grants of $5,000, for their solutions.

The InnovPlus Challenge is a bi-annual competition. To find out how you can participate in future iterations, click here.


The Winning Concepts

Dilong Goh

Goh IGS & Automation (GIA)

GIA is a marine and offshore company involved in the engineering and spares of equipment onboard marine and offshore vessels. For its winning concept, GIA partnered I-O Resources, a boutique consultancy in customised organisational Learning & Development (L&D) services, and Gnowbe, a firm that provides mobile-centric experiential learning solutions to organisations.

Mr Dilong Goh, Managing Director of Goh IGS & Automation, says businesses should realise many conventional workplace learning methods need to evolve to suit new habits of adult learners. “With rising cost of business, especially that of manpower in Singapore, companies really need to look into training and people development to help increase productivity.”

Project: The Accelerated, Specialised Engineering Apprenticeship (ASEA)

This project aims to develop and implement an effective, accessible learning system to codify, capture and store both explicit knowledge and tacit skills involving work equipment and use/repair. It envisions to provide an engaging and effective learning solution for optimal transfer of competencies and accelerated apprenticeship.

Judith Chew

Wong Fong Academy

Wong Fong Academy is an educational institute in the CET sector. For its winning concept, Wong Fong Academy partnered Play2Lead, a company that created gamified mobile and web applications, and EON Reality, a company that creates virtual and augmented reality solutions for industry training, education, and entertainment.

For Ms Judith Chew, Head of Business Services at Wong Fong Academy, it has always been challenging to find an impactful method to develop the right mindset for safety in learners. Through InnovPlus, organisations and solution providers can meet and share ideas to solve challenges. “Even if you do not win any awards, you still win at the end of the day by gaining knowledge and insights into possibilities with technology and innovations.”

Project Title: Mobile VR Training Application

The project aims to create an immersive workplace environment through virtual reality (VR) to train learners on workplace safety and health, and for learners to practise making real-time decisions and develop the right mindset for safety.

Dr Wee


Bootstrap is a boutique consultancy and training firm that promotes the betterment of individuals and companies in the areas of retail, leadership development, and business strategy innovation. For its winning concept, Bootstrap partnered with Playware Studios, an EdTech company that uses games-technology for teaching and learning, and Three Learning, a firm that provides organisations with effective and engaging e-Learning solutions.

CEO Dr Wee says she was initially thinking of partnering technology players in New Zealand to develop this concept. “Through InnovPlus, Bootstrap was introduced to Singapore-based technology partners, Playware Studios and Three Learning, whose integrated approach will provide a focused concept to strengthen the 60-20-20 approach.”

Project Title: Project 60-20-20 (RAVE – Retail Asia Virtual Education)

The project aims to develop and experiment a novel concept of integrated skills development for the retail industry in Asia, to facilitate the growth of local brands to scale the region. The blended learning approach disrupts the traditional 70-20-10 (on-the-job learning : informal/social : formal learning) to a 60-20-20 approach (self-directed learning : workplace coaching : targeted formal learning) that is more effective, efficient, sustainable and scalable. It also allows prospective employees and new job-seekers to participate in skills development prior to employment.