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Mobile Learning: Anytime, Anywhere



As smartphones and tablets become more pervasive, could mobile learning be the next most effective platform to reach learners? To find out, more than 100 adult educators, instructional designers, curriculum developers and trainers gathered to hear from a panel of three expert speakers, at the recent InnovJam event held at iN.LAB on 27 June 2017.

The most obvious advantage, according to the speakers, was that mobile learning could reach learners anytime and anywhere. Learning could be designed in bite-sized modules and built with interactive features such as video streaming, rich data sharing, gamification, as well as learning communities on social media to engage learners and facilitate collaboration across borders and cultures. As a personalised self-directed form of learning, it could cater to different paces of learning, skill sets and knowledge bases.

Mobile learning could also leverage social media platforms that learners were familiar with. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn offered the benefit that learners would not have to learn a new interface to access training content.

The speakers agreed that mobile learning was ideal in a blended learning mix to complement traditional training delivery methods. The event closed with presentations by mobile learning technology partners – AcuiZen, Biipmi and Gnowbe, followed by hands-on sessions for participants to try out their mobile learning apps.

“It gives educators a chance to amplify the learning content. However, educators need to understand that the training content has to be relevant and engaging or the user may skip past it.”Rahul Gupta, Client Partner (South East Asia) at Facebook

To encourage the adoption of mobile learning in the Continuing Education and Training community, IAL held a contest to develop lessons that incorporated elements of mobile learning in their training delivery and assessment methods. Participating teams would have free trial access to selected mobile learning platforms and usage of iN.LAB’s Media Production Studio and sound editing suites during the contest entry period. Shortlisted teams would present their submissions to an evaluation panel on 31 August 2017.