Professional Highlights:

Bernadette Chua is a Practising Management Consultant, SPRING SkillsFuture SME Mentor and an Action Learning Coach

As the Principal Consultant and Founder of Dream Catalyst, Bernadette Chua is committed to building business cultures for people to thrive. Great business cultures are anchored in values, embrace a growth or learning mindset, and ignite creativity.


Bernadette is passionate about partnering progressive business leaders in their people and culture programmes to drive long-term value creation in a rapidly changing business world. As a certified Practising Management Consultant (PMC) and SPRING Singapore SkillsFuture SME Mentor, she enables and supports the human capital movement amongst Singapore SMEs. She is also a Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant, Action Learning Coach, a certified facilitator for advanced facilitation and a member of Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).