Dr Soo Wai Man

Associate Adult Educator


Key Domain / Sector Areas of practice: Rapid Blended /e-Learning Design and Development, Affordable Learning Technologies, Specialist e-Learning Professional Development.

Dr Soo Wai Man has more than twenty years of teaching and instructional development experiences in Pre-Employment and Continuing Education Training sectors. He has served at two local polytechnics, SIM University, Singapore Management University and Citigroup, N.A. in e-learning design and faculty development. Between 2010 and 2014, he served as Deputy Director, at the Institute for Adult Learning, where he introduced blended e-learning into WSQ courses. He is an active contributor at In.Lab where he facilitates hands-on workshops on e-learning design, development, implementation and facilitation. His workshops are consistently over-subscribed and received outstanding course evaluations. Wai Man is co-founder of Workskill Solutions LLP, established to offer integrated solutions for education, facilitation and e-learning implementation.