Professional Highlights:

Lee Chuen Fei specialises in Enterprise Risk Management to enhance effectiveness and productivity

Chuen Fei has 15 years’ experience driving implementation of Business Excellence, Enterprise and Project Risk Management and other ISO Management Systems as Vice President in a listed conglomerate. Since 2014, served as a free-lance ERM Consultant for NUS and large MNCs. Chuen Fei developed and facilitates the 3-Days WSQ Certified Course: “Practical Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management”.  Guides SMEs as a PMC for Implementation of ERM to enhance productivity under SPRING’s CDG (now Enterprise Singapore).


Chuen Fei holds MSc (Management of Technology) and MSc (Industrial Engineering) from NUS, BEngrg (Mech) University of Singapore, GDBA (SIM), PE (Singapore), ACTA (IAL), PSCMC (Tuv Sud), FERM (Fellow in Enterprise Risk Management - RIMAS)