Lok Hanoi

Associate Adult Educator

+65 97504660

Professional Highlights:

Lok Hanoi specialises in the domains of Learning and Development and Human Resource Management

Lok Hanoi is a corporate trainer in various institutions, and an Adult Educator at the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). She is an adjunct faculty member at SMU, NUS, UniSIM and SIM Global in HRM & Management. Previously, she held appointments as a fulltime lecturer at NUS, and was a HRM Manager and CDIS Media Specialist.


Hanoi has trained organisations and institutions from both the public and private sectors, including Bank of China, SIM, NAFA, Digipen, Informatics, DAS, NHG, HDB, Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Police Force, NCSS, SAF, Kwangtung Bank. She was also the auditor and consultant for CREST Programs, the People Developer Program and Spring Singapore.


Hanoi holds a B.A (Hons) from Victoria University of Wellington, a Post Graduate Diploma-in-Education from NIE and a M.Sc (Education) from Indiana University. She is certified in ACTA and in various national programmes such as COSEC, WISE etc.