iN.LAB Facility Booking 


(1) Collaborative Spaces



iN.LAB is an innovative facility, located at the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at 11 Eunos Road 8, where the continuing education and training (CET) community could come together to explore, collaborate and contribute to learning innovations.

The Collaborative Spaces is open-concept workspace which can be configured to accommodate between 10 – 20 persons in one area, or smaller areas accommodating 2-3 persons. The space can be used for collaboration and networking and is ideal for collaborators to design, develop and test learning innovations. 


a) Learning centres (LCs), at levels 5 and 6;

b) Networking space (i.e. “Pit Stop + Open Space”) at levels 5 and 6

(2) Media Production Suite




Within iN.LAB, there is a Media Production Suite (MPS) to help you develop your own instructional videos and multimedia content here. The suite consists of:

  • 1 sound-proofed video recording studio
  • 2 sound-proofed, audio recording and multimedia editing rooms

These facilities can be rented individually or as a whole package.

The rental of the MPS will only be available every Thursday and Friday of the week. Booking is based on first-come-first serve basis for activities that are aligned to iN.LAB’s objectives.