Create interactive learning material using H5P

H5P provides easy-to-use template which trainers can use to create interactive learning material, that is available for mobile-content use as well. Some examples include creating interactive stopping point within video material, slider to compare images and simple gamification through wordplay. The best component of the platform is that trainers can copy-paste their creation to any LMS, LXP or website that is able to run HTML5 codes.

Full features of H5P can be accessed by clicking here

H5P is available on complimentary basis (as of 7th April 2021)

Recording on past innovBite: Easy method to create interactive video through H5P


Why should one care about interactivity?

According to the IAL-conducted survey on Adult Learners' Perception of Online Learning Due to COVID-19, the top general concerns on online learning across age groups is the lack of interactions among learners or between trainer and learners.