Centre for Learning and Performance (CLaP)



Centre for Learning and Performance (CLaP), a practice-based and applied research centre of IAL is aimed at developing organisation capability in workplace-based learning and promoting individual and enterprise performance. 

Workplace-based learning is an integral component of Singapore’s SkillsFuture agenda to promote skills mastery and utilisation, and underpins the shift towards work-learn programmes by education institutions. Learning that takes place at authentic workplace environments enables immediate learner application and minimises disruptions to business operations in a manpower lean environment. 




Through strategic partnerships with enterprises and education institutions as well as capability-building initiatives for training and adult education (TAE) practitioners, CLaP aims to develop evidence-informed models, case studies and tools. These resources and capabilities support the work of our Centre’s associate Workplace Learning Specialists as they develop performance-centric and sustainable workplace-based learning solutions to support our partners’ needs in areas such as enhanced productivity, employee engagement and implementing effective work-learn programmes. 


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