What is AEN?


The Adult Education Network (AEN) is a community of Training and Adult Education (TAE) professionals coming to together to connect to opportunities, collaboration and learning for continuous professional development and skills acquisition. AEN aims to support, engage and nurture these individuals to gain opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders, contribute, learn and share through the wide variety of activities offered under the AEN.


Why be an AEN member? 


To be a successful professional in an ever-changing TAE landscape, we recognise that there is a need for individuals to be connected to the larger TAE community. With over 5,000 AEN members to date, the benefits under the AEN are targeted at the differing needs of its members in three distinct career phases - from the aspiring, the establishing, to the established. The benefits can be seen as: 

  • Foundational - where the benefits are applicable for all members regardless of their career phases
  • Focused - where the benefits are targeted at the specific needs of each distinct career phase


Who is AEN for? 


The AEN is open to all professionals coming from the following three main TAE roles: 


  • Adult Education (AE) Professionals
    Individuals whose work relates to the direct activities of development and training for the continuing education and training of the workforce.

  • Training Management (TM) Specialists
    Individuals engaged in the management of a training institution as its core business function. 

  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Professionals
    Individuals who are involved in the strategic conceptualisation and creation of HR strategies to build employee capacity and human capital to support business needs.


How will I benefit? 


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes and events

Access to an extensive line-up of events and activities catered for all levels of our TAE community:

  • Exclusive events to nurture and strengthen your professional skills and capabilities
  • Complimentary access or preferential rates for a wide range of activities such as skill-building workshops, best practices sharing seminars, conferences, informal & formal training, and collaborative activities
  • Sharing sessions by IAL on current and future TAE developments and trends


Job and Business Opportunities

  • Get periodic updates on TAE job and business opportunities, both local and overseas
  • Engage with a network of professionals and collaborate with industry leaders


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Exchange ideas, experiences, and learn from a community of like-minded TAE professionals. Be part of the AEN’s communities of practice and quarterly meet-ups. See all our available SIGs.


AE Mentorship

Receive opportunities for professional guidance by experienced mentors. See who they are.


Access to Resources

Take advantage of IAL's extensive library of resources and access online reference materials on industry trends and development. 


How can I apply/ renew?


Membership application and renewable is chargeable at S$ 64.20 (incl. GST) for a fixed tenure of two years. A notification for renewal will be sent before expiry of the membership.

For individuals who have

  1. undertaken IAL's certificated programmes for the first time (including those with module exemptions); or
  2. been awarded the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) status,

you will be eligible for a complimentary two-year AEN membership, provided you have not previously been given a complimentary AEN membership before. For questions on eligibility, please write to AEN@ial.edu.sg.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Commencement of complimentary membership will be upon successful enrolment into the programme, or official award of the Adult Education Professional (AEP) status
  2. In the event of a valid existing membership, the complimentary membership will commence upon expiry of the existing membership
  3. Membership fees are non-refundable and is subject to change without prior notice
  4. Separate fees may apply for selected AEN events and activities
  5. IAL reserves the right to decline any application for membership as it deems appropriate



Can I contribute to AEN?


At AEN, we are constantly on the look out for opportunities to engage professionals who share synergistic goals and ideals as us.

If you are 

  1. interested to learn more about becoming an AE Mentor to help nurture new and aspiring AEs; or
  2. have a TAE-related subject content to share with the community through a CPD workshop of sorts
please do reach out to us at AEN@ial.edu.sg, and we will get in touch shortly.