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Our SIGs cover a broad spectrum of interests and provide platforms to discuss and exchange perspectives and experiences in the focus areas. They are communities established by IAL for Adult Education Network members who share common interests to come together to learn. SIG2022 supports and promotes community-based learning and initiatives via six tracks for members to share their knowledge and exchange perspectives and work experiences.

Six Tracks 

Each SIG2022 track is specially curated and organised with the aim to generate, transfer and disseminate applicable knowledge about education innovation that is community-based and will have 4 sessions (one per quarter). 


"You’ll never have to walk alone in a community. The best blessing in life is to enjoy the joy of learning, sharing, and excelling together with a community of people sharing the same special interest."


Steven Koh
SIG2022 Ambassador

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Learning Design

Chairperson: Bryan Tan and Dr Michael Choy 

Further develop your teaching practice with learning design principles to identify the most effective way to engage your adult learners across 4 immersive sessions. Bryan Tan and Dr Michael Choy, experts in curriculum development, will bring you through this 4-parts track over the year, addressing the 4 Ps (Person, Principles, Process and Practice) in learning design. 

Gain access to resources and tools as well as collaborate with other L&D professionals to learn and share best practices.

1. Breakthrough in Learning Design – Harnessing the Power of Metacognition for Professional Growth (Offered in Q1)
2. Future Trends in Learning Design - Surfing the Waves of Change 
3. Synergy for Success – Collaborating with Multiple Stakeholders in Learning Design (Coming soon)
4. Blending Learning: Keys to Successful Blended Learning for Adults (Coming soon)



Chairperson: Mavis Ng

Sharpen your critical coaching and mentoring techniques by taking part in discussions with other professionals. Share ideas, perspectives and experiences to strengthen your coaching practices. In this track, you will be exposed to 4 parts to enhance your coaching techniques.

1. The In-&-Out of Coach Journey (Offered in Q1)
2. Navigating To Find Your Coaching Model 
3. Creating Powerful Chemistry Coaching Calls (Coming soon)
4. Sustainable Coaching Model (Coming soon)



Chairperson: Isa Jamaluddin

Gain greater exposure to the art of facilitation and experience the impact that a skillfully facilitated session will have on your learners, while achieving mutual outcomes at the same time. Practise key core skills expected of a facilitator through various facilitation processes. Share case studies, best practices and learn from fellow professionals to strengthen your facilitation skills. 

1. Process Facilitation - Amazing Tool Globally Used (Offered in Q1)
2. Stepping into the Facilitator's Role. Begin By…
3. Emergence of the Facilitator in You (Coming soon)
4. Achieving Success Through Process Facilitation (Coming soon)


Learning Technology 

Chairperson: Tan Guo Qiang

Discover and stay abreast of education technology trends to support your practice and enhance learning effectiveness. Collaborate with practitioners to experiment and implement various learning technologies based on your instructional needs and immerse yourself in the growing trend of microlearning. 

1. Introduction to Learning Technology in Adult Education (Offered in Q1)
2. Re-think The Future of Learning 
3. From Theory to Practice: The Art of Integrating Learning Technology in Adult Education (Coming soon)
4. Create and Collaborate with Learning Technology (Coming soon)



Social Learning

Chairperson: Sean Tan and Steven Koh

Enhance your professional practice by implementing social learning within your workplaces and/or learning communities through a developmental model. Foster peer learning and exchange of perspectives and workplace experiences as you collaborate and interact with one another through online and offline platforms for complex problem-solving and innovation.


1. Introduction to Social Learning & Community (Offered in Q1)
2. Excelling with Peer Motivation & Community Support 
3. Forging Great Collaboration & Partnership in a Community (Coming soon)
4. Success through Peer Learning & Mentoring in a Community (Coming soon)




CET Entrepreneurship

Chairperson: Anderson Tan and FT Liu

Gain deeper insights in the CET systems of developing economies and participate in CET business mission trips to selected countries, led by experienced Edupreneurs to understand market demand for CET products and services at the global level. Productise your valuable skills, knowledge and experience and develop Go-To-Market strategies collaboratively with like-minded TAE professionals to help elevate developing economies to their next level of growth.


1. Go Where You Are Celebrated: The Phillipines (Offered in Q1)
2. Go Where You Are Celebrated: Vietnam 
3. Go Where You Are Celebrated: Indonesia (Coming soon)
4. Go Where You Are Celebrated: Thailand (Coming soon)



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