Special Interest Groups

Our SIGs cover a broad spectrum of interests and provide platforms to discuss and exchange perspectives and experiences in the focus areas.

  • Coaching and Mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring takes place in various backgrounds - workplace, social settings or even at home. This SIG is established for professionals passionate about developing the full potential of others.
  • Facilitation
    This SIG brings together professionals who are keen to develop and explore more deeply facilitation and its related practices.
  • Instructional Design
    The focus of this SIG is on instructional design principles and raising the quality of instruction through a sound process of analysing learning needs and goals, and the development of a delivery system to meet those needs.
  • Learning Technology
    This SIG provides the space for both tech savvy and beginner members to demystify and tametechnologies for application in learning context, and pick up learning technologies to transform learning and training effectiveness.
  • Training Management
    A platform for professional networking, sharing of best practices and industry knowledge in Training Management, this SIG covers topics including developing competent workers through action learning with industry and skills readiness for employees’ up-levelling.