Experienced Educators


Review and Grow Your Practice

As an experienced adult educator (AE) operating in the training and adult education (TAE) field, you are likely to have gained some foothold in this profession.  The TAE landscape offers a wide range of possibilities and opportunities, and you may consider harnessing your skills by deepening your knowledge and skills in a particular area, or explore opportunities to try out other areas of work in TAE.  

For freelance AEs, your journey does not have a definitive end point. It is critical for you to maintain skills currency and relevance as you innovate and grow your products and services to attract new clients. You are likely to build on your existing expertise and experiences to seek new frontiers and start all over again in a new area.  Along the way, you may have found working partners or built a team to support the scope of work for your existing and new clients, either locally or internationally.  

At this juncture, it may be useful for you to pause and review your practice before thinking about your next steps.


AE Reflective Tool

The Adult Educator Reflective Tool (ART) aims to help you identify, discover and revisit your professional beliefs and values. There’s a saying that goes, “The more reflective you are, the more effective you are.” Self-awareness is an important attribute in an AE’s professional journey, as it is difficult to help others if we do not first understand ourselves.

The exercise will take about 15 – 25 minutes to complete and a report will be generated after completion. Please note that there is no right or wrong answer. To ensure fluidity and consistency in your response, we suggest that no breaks be taken during this process.  Your responses will be kept confidential.

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Milestone Assessment

Milestone Assessment for Experienced Adult Educators

Building a career as a freelance adult educator (AE) can be fulfilling yet challenging.  Many experienced AEs describe the journey as a roller-coaster, with good and bad days.

The Milestone Assessment questionnaire is designed to help you evaluate your current standing and give some insights into your next career move.  It is a useful tool to re-visit at different points of your career.

Positioning Myself 

1. What has been my specialisation as an AE up to this point in time?

2. What is my niche in terms of products and services in the TAE landscape?

3. How am I value-adding to my clients in the products and services that I offer?

4. What is the unique branding that I have established as an AE?

5. I have been doing ___________ (AE work) for the last ________(#) years - how can I further deepen my skills and knowledge?

6. What other areas in adult education should I explore at this point in time? Why?

7. How do I want to position my products and services in the next one to three years?


Planning Ahead

8. What have I done to stretch myself so far in my career in adult education?

9. How can I use my past successes as leverage to build on existing or create new products and services?

10. What are the future skills required in my profession?

11. How can I go about developing these skills?

12. How do I continue to keep myself relevant and current, both in my industry domain and in adult education?

13. What are the risks involved as I venture into new areas?

14. How do I mitigate these risks?

15. How do I develop a pool of resources to support / grow my career / business in adult education?


Building Networks

16. Which are the useful networks that have helped me secure assignments? 

17. Learning from experience, what are the critical success factors in maintaining a useful network?

18. How do I continue to grow useful networks and collaborations?

19. How can I give back to the AE community?


Shape Shifting

20. When I look back to when I started as a new freelance AE, what differences are there in the way I conduct my business now?

21. What helped me to adapt to meet different clients’ needs and expectations?

22. What are the critical success factors in dealing with clients?

23. How can I assist less experienced AEs to handle the nuances in working with clients from different industries and management levels?


Staying Strong

24. What keeps me going in the pursuit of being a freelance AE? 

25. How can I do my work creatively, efficiently and effectively?

26. How do I maintain a positive sense of self as I encounter stress, negative emotions and uncertainty in the course of work?

27. How do I remain adaptive and flexible in responding to the ever-changing industry and TAE landscapes?

28. What are the continuing motivations for me to develop my career / business in adult education?

29. How do I maintain a healthy physical, mental and emotional state of being as I continue my journey in my career / business in adult education?


Always Learning

30. What are the reflective practices that have contributed to my success as an AE so far? 

31. How have I maintained the relevance of my products and services to meet market demands?

32. How can I stay on top of my game in a cost-effective manner?


AE Professionalisation

Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP)

The Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) is a step forward in creating a strong, dynamic and forward-looking Adult Educator (AE) profession in Singapore.  It aims to advance the standards and identity of AEs recognised for both pedagogical and professional excellence.  All AEs who are members of Adult Education Network (AEN) are eligible to apply for AEP.

The benefits of being an AEP member include:

  • Exclusive AEP events (e.g. overseas study tours, company hosted visits)
  • Exclusive speaking engagements at IAL-supported conferences and invitation to contribute to IAL-related publications
  • Business and networking opportunities related to Training and Adult Education
  • Practice-engagement opportunities to deepen and enhance AE practices


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