Testimonial of Daryll Hoe

Daryll Hoe, Facilitator/Developer

Security Industry Institute

Hi, my name is Daryll and I am a freelance Adult Educator (AE). Prior to this, I was a police officer for 20 years.


Being in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) allowed me to interact with people from various walks of life. This made the job interesting. However, it required me to work long irregular hours. By the time I ended my work, I felt tired and did not feel like pursuing other interests.


I began taking an interest in training when the SPF appointed me as a trainer. They wanted me to share my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues. During this time, I attended various training courses. At that point, Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) was just developed under the National Skills Recognition System and I was keen to learn more, though I did not pursue it.


One day, my boss called me and directed me to perform a learning needs analysis. He handed me a stack of survey forms and told me to distribute them. I remember browsing through the survey form and found that we were trying to identify training gaps based on the feedback gathered. That was the first time I saw a learning needs analysis. I was intrigued and really wanted to know more.


The first challenge I faced was uncertainty. After 20 years in the SPF, I wondered if I could cope with the commercial world and if there was job security. What if I could not land a job? I wanted to feed my desire to know more about adult education but at the same time, I have bills to pay. I heard about WSQ courses. However, they only qualify you for the job. Having the qualifications does not mean that there would be any job vacancies. After some pondering, I decided to take the plunge. I started taking ACTA at the Institute for Adult Learning and at the same time, did some contract jobs.


The second challenge was acquiring new skills. Being a volunteer at a former children’s home, I was invited to work at a farm off run by them. I had to learn about traditional and hydroponics farming. Little did I know, this would help me tremendously when I went on to do my Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) programme.


After completing my ACTA, I began facilitating training courses for various companies. I also started on my DACE. As I conducted more training, I received more job offers. Today, I am an Adult Educator in both the farming and security industries.  


For aspiring freelance AEs, I have a couple of tips. Package yourself, and find out about the industry that you want to join. If you are interested, do it and don’t look back. Also,do not forget to acquire new skills along the way!


I have completed my DACE this year and I am looking towards becoming a developer for the security and landscaping (farming) industries. I am also constantly relooking my training approaches in order to improve. After all, as an AE, it is our responsibility to constantly upskill ourselves!