Learning Pathways for the Aspiring TAE Professional

ACLP for the Aspiring TAE Professional (Cohort Based Learning)



If you have already attained the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) full qualification, you continue to be recognised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) as meeting SSG’s Adult Education (AE) Qualifications Requirements for the training and assessment of SSG-Funded Certifiable courses. 


For the Aspiring TAE Professional

As an aspiring TAE professional, the Cohort Based Learning approach offers an integrated and structured learning experience to individuals, like you, who are new to the TAE sector. 

You will benefit from the emphasis on peer learning to practice a variety of facilitation and assessment methods in a familiar learning environment and receive career advisory from TAE Career Advisors to explore developing a career as an Adult Educator!


Cohort Based Learning - Learning Pathway 

Full Cohort Based Learning Pathway

Core Modules:

- M1: Facilitate Learning Experiences for Adult Learners

- M2: Adopt Skills Frameworks for Professional Growth

TAE Career Advisory:

- To help you understand the requirements and opportunities to pursue a career in TAE

Core Modules 

- M3: Facilitate Technology-Enabled Learning

- M4: Facilitate Workplace Learning

- M5: Design Learning Solutions to AddressPerformance Needs

Elective Modules 
(choose one):

- E1: Interpret WSQ & Assess Competence OR
- E2: Assess Workplace Learning


For a complete list of ACLP modules and module overview, please click here.



Entry Requirements


The ACLP programme is developed for the learners who possess the following assumed skills and knowledge:

  • Have good English proficiency (English language at GCE ‘O’ Level of C6 and above, or WSQ Workplace Literacy skills of Level 6 and above).
  • Be keen to facilitate learning and assess adult learners through the design, reflection and continuous improvement of learning activities in an array of learning settings such as classroom, workplace and technology-enabled learning contexts.
  • Possess appropriate level subject matter specialisation and industry experience, relevant for the design, facilitation and assessment of learning.
  • Minimum 2 years of domain expertise
  • Possess basic information and communication technology (ICT) skills.
  • Be able to source and analyse relevant materials from the workplace, library, internet or online databases for design and development of learning resources.


Assessment Requirements:

  • Simulated Learning Context - ACLP core modules 1, 2, 3 and Elective 1 are designed to be delivered and assessed in simulated learning context utilising IAL’s learning facilities.
  • Application of Learning using Workplace Context: ACLP core modules 4, 5 and Elective 2 are designed to address workplace learning needs in authentic workplace settings availed by the ACLP learner. 
    • Learners completing these modules should have access to one or a range of workplace or practice environments that will provide them with the opportunity for skills practice.
    • Should a workplace environment be rendered unavailable, learners can choose to pursue completion of assessment using IAL case studies as an alternative. IAL strongly recommends that ACLP learners consider the authentic workplace environment route, for the best overall experience of the learning in the ACLP programme.


Programme Fees

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Payment Advisory


For payment details for self-sponsored and company-sponsored registrations, please click here.




For ACLP programme related information, see Programme FAQ. 

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