WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

Programme Fees:

S$ 1,373.85 w/GST


S$ 1,373.85 w/GST

Permanent Resident

S$ 4,579.60 w/GST




102.0 Hours


The upcoming preview will be the final ACTA preview run. This is in view of the impending roll-out of the new ACLP programme that will replace the existing ACTA programme. Kindly note that details on ACLP will not be extensively covered in this preview.



The WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) (5th version) is a competency-based certification programme. It provides learners with the essential skills to deliver training and assessments across different industries.

ACTA (5th Version) emphasises knowledge acquisition through reflective practice and active learning through skills practice. The programme is delivered as an integrated curriculum (cohort intake) and emphasises peer learning, use of technology, reflective practice and continuous professional development.


Learning Outcome

Learners who go through ACTA (5th version) will benefit from the following learning outcomes:

  • Confident delivery of training and assessment
  • Learners are equipped with a firm foundation in pedagogical and facilitation knowledge and skills to ensure that they will become confident adult educators.
  • Understand and meeting learning needs of the technological age

Modules are structured to enable learners to analyse and understand the learning needs of the new technological workplace. The use of technology throughout the programme enhances learners’ ability to tap on technology in the training profession.


Who Should Attend

ACTA is relevant to individuals who conduct training and assessment within, and outside the WSQ framework. The programme is beneficial to:

  • Individuals who wish to deliver a WSQ programme
  • Individuals who want to perform effectively as trainer or facilitators
  • Individuals who need to conduct competency-based assessment


Modules & Schedule

M1: Apply Adult Learning Principles in Training

This unit equips the learner with the knowledge skills in application of adult learning principles in training delivery.

M2: Design a Learning Experience

This unit equips the learner with knowledge and skills to design lesson plans for a short learning experience applying the understanding of adult learning principles, active learning qualities and instructional methods.

M3: Prepare and Facilitate a Learning Experience

This unit equips the learner with knowledge and skills to prepare and facilitate an active learning experience for learners.

M4: Interpret the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System

This unit specifies the competency required to interpret the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System and a set of National Competency Standards and apply them in a learning and development context.

M5: Assess Competence

This unit equips the learner with knowledge and skills to prepare and conduct a competency-based assessment to assess competence.

M6: Prepare for Continuing Professional Development

This unit equips the learner with knowledge and skills to objectively reflect upon his or her own training practice to engage in continuing professional development for improvement.


Delivery Mode

ACTA is delivered over a period of approximately 3.5 months including non face-to-face learning. Learners will attend face-to-face classroom training for the designated hours, during which they will:

  • Engage in discussions and a wide range of facilitated activities
  • Receive hands-on training on the use of technology tools
  • Participate in skills practice by conducting facilitation and competency-based assessment
  • Gather evidence for their e-portfolio by taking photographs of the activities and records of discussions
  • During skills practice, learners will video-record themselves in action and put up on their e-portfolio
  • Receive and share feedback on their learning during facilitated activities and skills practice

*Learners will need to bring their own laptop, photo-taking and video-recording devices (e.g. smart phone or tablet) during the programme. IAL will not be issuing any photo-taking and video-recording devices for the programme.

Assessment: e-Portfolio and face-to-face Oral Presentation

Assessments are continuous and formative in ACTA (5th Version). Learners will:

  • Receive feedback on their progress during face-to-face assessment and training sessions
  • Receive feedback on their e-portfolio
  • Demonstrate their learning through Oral Presentation

Face-to-face training and assessment hours

Module Face to Face Training (Hours) Face to Face Assessment (Hours)

M1: Apply adult learning principles in training


1 (combined assessment of M1, M2 and M3)

M2: Design a learning experience


1 (combined assessment of M1, M2 and M3)

M3: Prepare and facilitate a learning experience


1 (combined assessment of M1, M2 and M3)

*M4: Interpret the Singapore Workforce Skills System



M5: Assess Competence


1 (combined assessment of M5 and M6)

M6: Prepare for Continuing Professional Development

1 (conducted with M5) 

1 (combined assessment of M5 and M6)




The above training hours do not include non face-to-face hours such as e-learning and e-portfolio.

*M4 is delivered in blended e-learning mode beginning with 3 hours face-to-face session followed by two 1.5 hours webinar sessions. 


Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess the assumed skills and knowledge as outlined in competency standards listed here:

  • Be able to listen, speak, read and write English proficiently in a clear and confident manner (possess Level 6 and above in Workplace Literacy (WPL) skills as stated in the Employability Skills WSQ framework).
  • Be keen to facilitate learning and assess adult learners through the design, reflection and continuous improvement of learning activities in an array of learning settings such as classroom, workplace and blended learning contexts.
  • Possess appropriate level subject matter specialisation and industry experience, relevant for the design, facilitation and assessment of learning.
  • Possess basic information and communication technology (ICT) skills.
  • Be able to source and analyse relevant materials from the workplace, library, internet or online databases for design and development of learning resources.


Application Procedure


1.       All applications must be made online through MyIAL e-services.

2.       Applicants are to ensure that they meet the entry requirements before proceeding to register for the course.

3.       Upon successful enrolment, applicants will receive a course confirmation email.


Fees & Funding

Funding Type Programme Fee

Full Programme Fee

S$ 4,579.60

Singaporeans / Permanent Residents

S$ 1,373.85


(After 70% subsidy) 

Singaporeans (40 years old and above)

S$ 517.85


(After Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy [MCES]) 

Singaporeans (35 years and above with average gross monthly income of S$ 2,000 and below)

S$ 303.85


(With Workfare Training Support [WTS] Scheme)

Programme fee covers training and assessment. The fees are inclusive of prevailing GST and subject to change. IAL reserves the right to amend this information without prior notice.

For full details on the available funding schemes, click here.

Payment Advisory


  • Self-sponsored applicants will be prompted for course payment at the end of the registration process. It will indicate the nett fee payable (inclusive of GST) after taking into account the funding / grants that the applicant is eligible for.
  • If self-sponsored applicants intends to use your SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) to offset the course fee, please indicate the amount at MyIAL e-registration page and submit your SFC claim separately at www.skillsfuture.sg/credit.
  • IAL accepts payment through NETS as well as major international debit and credit cards via VISA and MASTERCARD.
  • Applicants may download your receipt from MyIAL e-services.
  • Organisations sponsoring their employees will also be prompted for course payment at the end of the registration process. Payments may be made through either:
  1. Interbank GIRO / Bank Transfer - Please credit fees to CITIBANK N.A. SINGAPORE, Bank Code 7214, Branch code 001, Account number 082-173-805-9. Please email the payment details including name, NRIC number and programme name to finance@ial.edu.sg.
  2. Cheque - Payable to “SUSS-IAL”. The cheque may be submitted or mailed to our office at 11 Eunos Road 8, #07-04 Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore 408601. Please email the payment details including name, NRIC number and programme name to finance@ial.edu.sg.
  • Payments for organisations running corporate run will be according to the contract.      


(a) Are you an in-house trainer?

If you are an in-house trainer with courseware developer responsibilities, you are advised to further your learning by taking 2 development modules (Develop Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning Programme + Develop and Review Competency-based Assessment) from the Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) upon completion of ACTA (5th Version).

(b) Do you have ACTA (4th Version) SOAs in CU1, 2, 4A/B and 6?

If you have obtained Statements of Attainments for all of the following modules in ACTA (4th Version):

  • CU1 – Interpret the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification Framework
  • CU2 – Apply Adult Learning Principles and Code of Ethics Relating to Training
  • CU4A – Prepare and Facilitate Classroom Training; or
  • CU4B – Prepare and Conduct an On-The-Job Training Programme
  • CU6 – Conduct a Competency-based Assessment

You may sign up for ACTA (4th Version) Bridging Programme to complete the ACTA (5th Version) certification.

(c) Are you a current holder of the ACTA (4th Version) qualification?

You have already met the WSQ Adult Education Qualifications requirements. However, you are encouraged to keep updated with the latest developments in the Training and Adult Education field.