WSQ Workplace Trainer Programme (WTP)

Programme Fees:

S$ 321.00 w/GST


S$ 321.00 w/GST

Permanent Resident

S$ 3,210.00 w/GST




47.0 Hours


IAL will be offering the last batch of WTP in November 2019. The new version, Workplace Learning Facilitator (WLF), will be offered for sign-up from Q1 2020.



If you’ve been nominated to be a trainer or assessor in your organisation, it’s likely that you already have excellent job skills and knowledge. Imparting these abilities and ‘know-hows’ to others effectively may however, be challenging. The WSQ Workplace Trainer Programme (WTP) aims to solve these challenges, by arming you with competencies to effectively deliver training and assessment at a worksite. You will be a much more effective trainer when you have the ability to come up with a learning plan and assessment records to support your training and assessment delivery. This is a concise and succinct programme that is ideal for anyone who needs to rise up to the challenge of ensuring better transfer of learning at the workplace.


Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this programme will be able to:

  • Design and deliver a workplace learning experience
  • Deliver a competency-based assessment, which is aligned to the workplace learning plan


Who Should Attend

The programme will benefit you if you are:

  • A supervisor, line-leader or manager who performs the role of a worksite trainer, coach or assessor
  • A professional who wants to be more effective in learning transfer at the workplace




WP1: Facilitate Workplace Learning

Design and develop a workplace learning plan and deliver a learning experience for a workplace setup.


WP2: Assess Competence

Design and develop assessment records for a workplace learning plan, and deliver a competency-based assessment.


Mode of Delivery


  • Combination of in-classroom training and coaching sessions provided at the workplace where appropriate
  • Facilitated activities, discussions, skills practice, reflective practice, e-portfolio, and feedback exchanges for learning purposes
Module Face-to-Face training & coaching (hours) Face-to-face assessment (hours)

WP1 : Facilitate Workplace Learning



WP2 : Assess Competence






Learners will attend designated classroom training for each module, supplemented by coaching sessions at their authentic workplace where appropriate. During training, learners will:

  • Undertake workplace learning sessions and assessment with their workplace learners at their own or simulated worksite
  • Engage in peer learning and a wide range of facilitated activities 
  • Receive one-on-one coaching for more targeted learning support
  • Receive and share feedback on their learning experience and skills 


Entry Requirements

To enrol, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be employer-sponsored and given resource support, with your employer making available the relevant reference materials e.g. standard operating procedures, checklists and job aids. You also need to have your employer’s permission to use your worksite to conduct workplace learning and assessment.
  • Have good English proficiency (a ‘Pass’ grade in English language at lower secondary school level and above, or WSQ Workplace Literacy skills of Level 4 and above)


Fees & Funding 

Full Programme Fee Singaporeans / Permanent Residents

S$ 3,210.00

S$ 321.00

(After 90% subsidy)

Programme fee covers training and assessment. The fees are inclusive of prevailing GST and subject to change. IAL reserves the right to amend this information without prior notice.

Payment Advisory


  • Organisations sponsoring their employees will also be prompted for course payment at the end of the registration process. Payments may be made through either:
  1. Interbank GIRO / Bank Transfer - Please credit fees to CITIBANK N.A. SINGAPORE, Bank Code 7214, Branch code 001, Account number 082-173-805-9. Please email the payment details including name, NRIC number and programme name to finance@ial.edu.sg.
  2. Cheque - Payable to “SUSS-IAL”. The cheque may be submitted or mailed to our office at 11 Eunos Road 8, #07-04 Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore 408601. Please email the payment details including name, NRIC number and programme name to finance@ial.edu.sg.
  • Payments for organisations running corporate run will be according to the contract.   


The programme aims to:

  • Develop workplace trainers who are adept in facilitating learning to their workplace learners using their own work-based content
  • Develop competent workplace trainers and assessors

This programme has the following differentiating features:

  • Individualised workplace coaching

Learner-centric facilitation, coaching sessions and rigorous assessment practices enable learners to apply their learning at their respective workplaces. Learners will be coached based on their real work content and build their expertise through practice sessions.

  • Work-based content

Learners will be guided to translate their work-based content into a feasible assessment record. Through this, they can ensure the alignment between training and assessment at the workplace.

  • Authentic/ simulated workplace setting

Training, coaching and assessment sessions are largely conducted at learners’ workplaces or a simulated workplace setting so that graduates can confidently assume their roles as trainers, coaches or assessors.

No. The programme is structured to allow learners to contextualise and apply learning at the workplace. Shortening the programme will compromise the quality and outcomes of learning.

Each class can have a maximum of 12 learners. The compact class size is due to the fact that learning and assessment is highly contextualised and each learner is given a designated amount of time for skills practice in class.

The minimum class size is 8 learners.

No, a learner who enrols needs to be employer-sponsored because the programme is targeted at employees who conduct training as part of his/her secondary role at the workplace. The learner also requires access to company documents such as standard operating procedures to be used during sessions.

If the workplace is not accessible, the client is then required to assist IAL coordinator with props that can be used to simulate learning in IAL.

The learner may conduct workplace coaching and assessment with another employee from a different department who is new to the skills set which the workplace trainer will attempt to impart.

No. Shadowing and demonstration are the dominant workplace learning approaches adopted by most organisations in Singapore. WTP is designed to upskill and qualify learners in these two learning approaches specifically. Any deviation from these prescribed learning approaches would entail customisation of the content and would be treated as a non-WSQ programme. Non-WSQ programmes will not be eligible for funding.

For all public runs, coaching, training and assessment will be carried out in IAL. Learners are required to bring their own props. However, should the learner’s organisation request for coaching to be carried out at an authentic work setting, IAL will make special provisions to conduct the coaching at the learners’ workplace. An additional cost of $160.50 per pax per session (incl. of GST) will be payable by the learner’s organisation.

Yes, coaching is a platform to assist learners who need help to contextualise their workplace learning plan and assessment record.

Yes, the coaching session can be rescheduled. The learner is required to arrange an alternative coaching date with IAL. The coaching date needs to be within three to five working of the original coaching date. An administrative fee of $53.50 (incl. of GST) is payable for rescheduling.

The rescheduled date will be treated as final and no further changes will be entertained, except on compelling reasons or medical grounds with relevant supporting documents.

No. ACTA (5th Version) is designed with blended learning components that are integrated across a few modules and is offered on a cohort basis. The training focus for ACTA (5th Version) Module 5 and WTP WP2 is vastly different with the latter having predominantly a workplace focus. Hence, WTP learners will not be able to join ACTA (5th Version) Module 5.

Learners who have completed the full WTP programme will be exempted from ACTA (5th Version) Module 5 when they enrol, on the basis that they have already attained a WTP WP2 SOA.

No. WP1 requires the learner to design a workplace learning plan that meets the needs of his/ her organisation, while WP2 requires the learners to conduct assessment based on the workplace learning plan developed in the first module. To ensure effective learning, the module sequence has to be followed.

Learners from corporate run may join the public run if there are valid reasons. Learners from the public runs may join another public run on a different date. Administrative charges of $53.50 (incl. of GST) will apply for each deferment.

The learner needs to call and email both his/her assessor and IAL and inform us of his/ her reason for not turning up so that the pre-arranged assessment can be cancelled. To reschedule the assessment, the learner is required to pay $53.50 (incl. of GST).

In event that the learner does not inform the relevant parties and does not turn up for assessment, it will be considered as ‘no show’ and there will only be one more attempt allowed to clear the assessment. The learners will be required to pay a re-assessment fee of $107 (incl. of GST) when he/she schedules for reassessment.

The assessment/re-assessment has to be taken within four weeks of the earlier scheduled assessment date. Learners who were not certified ‘Competent’ after reassessment will be requested to pay the full, non-subsidised programme fees to re-attend the whole module.

If the learner cancels an assessment date and does not re-schedule and sit for a new assessment within four weeks from the original scheduled date, the learner is deemed to have dropped out from the programme and would not be eligible for training subsidy. IAL reserves the right to recover the training subsidy from the learner. Learners will be requested to pay the full, non-subsidised programme fee to re-attend the whole module.

Any candidate who has been assessed as “Not Yet Competent” will not receive the Statement of Achievement (SOA). If the sponsoring organisation requires the candidate to do a re-assessment, the sponsoring organisation will have to pay the reassessment fee of $107 (incl. of GST).

Where there are reasons to appeal against the assessor’s decision, an appeal may be submitted in writing to IAL within 5 working days stating clearly the reasons for appeal. An admin fee of $107 (incl. of GST) is payable to lodge an appeal. The appeal will be evaluated by the Appeal Panel. If the appeal is successful, a fresh round of assessment will be conducted and $107 (incl. of GST) will be refunded.

If the appeal is unsuccessful and the learner would like to take the reassessment, an admin fee of $107 (inclusive of GST) will be charged for re-assessment. To request for a reassessment or an appeal, please submit a request via https://feedback.ial.edu.sg.

No. WTP comprises two Statements of Attainment (SOAs). Learners will receive one Statement of Attainment (SOA) for each module he/she receives a ‘Competent’ grade. Other than the two SOAs, no additional certificate will be issued.