One-Stop Skills Credentialing


At the Institute for Adult Learning, we recognise existing practitioners with relevant Training and Adult Education (TAE) experience or comparable qualifications that have sufficient equivalence in content and learning outcomes with our programmes.

One-Stop Skills Credentialing (OSSC) provides a comprehensive one-stop skills assessment service platform that applicants can use to apply for:

  • Credit Exemption against selected qualification-based programmes
  • Skills badges
  • Skills badges leading to attainment of the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) award


Who is it for?


Experienced Adult Educators (AE) who have:

  • Accumulated at least two years of relevant Training and Adult Education (TAE) experience and have demonstrated competence in practice
  • Attained comparable TAE-related qualifications recognized by IAL 
Applicants who possess
  • Certifications and qualifications listed in the Credit Exemption Table, please apply under the Credit Exemption track
  • Other qualifications, backed by artefacts related to current and relevant work experience, please apply under the Skills Badges track



How will I benefit?


  • One-stop platform for Training and Adult Education (TAE) practitioners to apply for any credentialing services leading to the attainment of professional recognition in TAE.
  • Recognition for competencies aligned to qualification programmes such as the WSQ ACLP attained through Credit Exemption(s) under OSSC is equivalent to those who have completed WSQ ACLP under the Facilitated Learning Pathway which typically takes a longer time.

  • Elevated professional standing through attainment of Skills Badge(s), leading to the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) award.


Types of Credentials Awarded under OSSC

How does it work?


Which OSSC pathway should I apply for?


I am seeking exemptions for WSQ ACLP based on comparable TAE qualifications/ certifications listed in the credit exemption table


* All comparable TAE qualifications / certifications listed in the credit exemption table are endorsed by SSG for credit exemptions to IAL WSQ courses. Submission of comparable TAE qualifications / certifications not listed in the table will result in an unsuccessful application, fees paid are non-refundable.

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I am seeking exemptions for WSQ ACLP based on at least two years of relevant TAE experience, supported by evidence/ artefacts (for each module of WSQ ACLP I am seeking exemptions for).




I wish to attain Skills Badges in recognition of my current and relevant TAE experiences.




I wish to be awarded the required number of Skills Badges in order to be recognised as an Associate Adult Educator (AAE) or Specialist Adult Educator (SAE) for Adult Education Professionalisation.

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