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How to Use Points of You® to Enhance Workplace Learning

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Viya Chen (Ms) | Yeo Chuen Chuen (Ms)


3 hours





What is this programme about?


When delivering training in the workplace, or any other form of adult learning, it is imperative that participants are actively engaging with the training material. Those taking part in activities relating to capability and knowledge development must have a clear understanding of not only the subject matter, but also its relevance to them and the applicability of the training to their day-to-day work. Good workplace learning is characterised by high levels of engagement, high levels of energy, clear relevance of the subject matter, and the potential to implement and apply the training outcomes immediately. Only then will the investments of time, money, and resources pay off.

Points of You® is a methodology involving the application of a collection of creative tools for professional and personal development. Developed in 2006 by two professional coaches, this methodology has had a transformative impact on both individuals and organisations in 147 countries; the tools have been translated into 20 different languages and have been successfully implemented by more than one million people worldwide. Based on the andragogical research of Malcolm Knowles, these tools have been selected in order to help participants bridge the gap between knowledge and experience, delivering immediate takeaways that can be applied in a number of contexts. A cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain — the intuitive and emotional half of the brain — and the logical and analytical left brain. By drawing on the power of a whole-brain approach, new possibilities happen and new neural connections are formed, which translates into new insights and breakthroughs for the participants. 

The Points of You® approach follows a simple framework, PRIME, which focuses on the key characteristics of effective workplace learning:


Preparedness to learn

Refuge from judgment

Immediate Relevance

Myriad of Ideas

Extension into Real World

This 3-hour experiential workshop is designed to respond directly to the various challenges and pain-points raised by the participants. Discussions will take place through the application of a selection of the Points of You® tools, to help participants not only learn what is involved, but also gain firsthand experience to get a very real feel of how effective this approach is. In the course of these discussions, guided by the facilitator but led by the participants, a number of issues will be explored, first identifying specific challenges to effective workplace learning, then designing future actions by implementing the Points of You® approach.  By incorporating elements of this into your own training and coaching, you will be able to deliver training that leaves your trainees feeling energised and empowered, with a clear sense of direction and purpose.


What does it cover?

  • Understand the way in which both left- and right-brain learning can be harnessed to enhance learning experiences
  • Understand the way in which the Points of You® tools and methodology can be incorporated into their own unique coaching, training, and facilitation practices
  • Be able to select and employ the different tools of Points of You® to maximum effect in adult education
  • Be able to employ a coaching approach to facilitate adult learning through the use of Points of You®


Who is it suitable for?


  • Individuals involved in training who seek to improve their training sessions, increase engagement, and encourage deeper learning
  • HR or corporate management who wish to enhance employee engagement through the use of facilitation skills
  • Coaches who wish to improve the speed at which their clients gain insights
  • Counsellors and therapists who wish to improve their ability to hone in on issues, or to equip their clients with tools for self-expression
  • Anyone interested in deepening their educational and coaching practice


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About the speaker

Viya Chen (Ms)

Executive Director | StrengthsBusiness Pte Ltd

Ms Viya Chen is the Points of You® Country Lead for Taiwan, Global Master Facilitator, and Gallup StrengthsFinder Certified Coach. She is also an ICF PCC Professional Certified Coach and Chief Strategy Officer of International Coach Academy in Asia. Viya has more than 20 years experience as a Senior Executive,  including holding the position of Vice President and Regional Senior Director at a Fortune 10 Company, McDonald’s Corporation, in which she led brand marketing and business strategic development across the APMEA region. She is currently working as a business and executive coach, delivering coaching in both English and Chinese, with more than 2,500 hours experience in corporate coaching and facilitation in Asia.

Yeo Chuen Chuen (Ms)

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Forbes Council Official Member | ACEsence

Ms Yeo Chuen Chuen is a multi-award-winning executive coach (Professional Certified Coach, ICF) and seasoned facilitator. She has designed training frameworks for full organisations including government and global franchise. She has also created learning content which focuses on promoting effective learning for both online and offline mediums. Chuen Chuen is also a part-time facilitator in an experiential programme for trainee teachers. In her coaching practice, Chuen Chuen works with business leaders from Fortune 500 companies who come from more than 30 countries. She is also an executive coach with the Civil Service College, Singapore.