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SIMPLE Leadership™: The 2 Rules of Leadership

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Justin Khoo (Mr)


2 hours


This is a fully online session conducted via ZOOM.  Participants can participate in the session from any venue of their convenience with a laptop / device that is compatible with ZOOM.  More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.




Your own leadership rules, models, philosophy etc, for discussion as part of the workshop.


What is this programme about?


Effective leadership is a vital tool for educators. However, it is a difficult skill to develop as each situation must be judged depending on both the leader and the followers. The widespread belief that simply copying effective leaders will guarantee the same results is unfounded. Leadership is, at its core, dependent on the individual circumstances surrounding each situation. As such, a holistic approach is required which focuses on both leader action and follower reaction.

Learn the 2 Universal Rules of Leadership which can help you become a better leader. These rules are both simple and intuitive, and involve concepts with which you are already familiar, regardless of your level of experience. By exploring the nature of the relationship between leader and follower, and understanding the need for adaptability in each situation, you will be able to guarantee that people will follow your lead. 

In this two-hour workshop, you will come to a greater understanding of leadership within the context of Adult Education. Incorporating the work of leading education researchers such as Gagne, Knowles, Kolb, and Bloom, this workshop presents a framework for leadership as a tool in knowledge transfer, facilitating the sequence of: Receive Knowledge - Evaluate Knowledge - Internalise Knowledge - Apply Knowledge. Through the application of scientific principles from the areas of biology and neuroscience, you will be able to put these 2 Rules into practice and become the leader you always aspired to be.


What does it cover?


By the end of this programme, participants will:

  • Understand and be able to explain the 2 Rules of Leadership
  • Understand why there are only 2 Rules
  • Understand how and why these Rules are effective
  • Be able to create and apply the 4 Quadrants of Leadership 
  • Be able to apply the 2 Rules in a variety of leadership contexts


Who is it suitable for?


  • Adult Education: individuals involved in learning design, curriculum development, learning facilitation, competency assessment, integration of learning technology, or those involved in consultancy and advisory services relating to business performance.
  • Learning Management: individuals involved in the management or support of learning programmes, systems and technology management and implementation, quality assurance of learning programmes, and business development.


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About the speaker

Justin Khoo (Mr)

Founder and CEO | 3Elements Leadership Group


Justin Khoo (Mr) is the founder and CEO of the 3Elements Leadership Group. He believes strongly that people matter, and that leadership makes the difference between success and failure – in both personal and professional contexts.

Justin has been actively studying leadership for over 20 years. He is well-read in many fields, ranging from the hard sciences to the arts and philosophy. His approach to leadership involves taking simple and intuitive truths, and making them tangible and measurable, so that anyone can apply these concepts in a structured and methodical way, to become an effective leader. He created the 3Elements brand based on this approach, and seeks to develop leaders of all ages and backgrounds.

Justin has developed 3Elements leadership models based on the following 2 principles:

  • Leadership Science (Not Philosophy): the scientific study of leadership is independent of the personal values or beliefs of leaders;
  • Effective Leadership is Measurable: effective leadership must be described using a practical, measurable framework.

Prior to this, he worked in an oil supermajor for 12 years, in numerous roles that covered project management, leading people, and organisational transformation. During this time, he attended numerous leadership courses, including the Kenan-Flager Executive Development programme.

Justin is ACTA-certified and holds a professional coaching certification. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with an Honours degree, and is an alumnus of the University Scholars Programme. He has also received an award for leadership development with his National Service unit, and has been recognised by various non-profit organisations for his pro-bono work with them.

He is an active volunteer leader, and has served in many different contexts, gaining a deep appreciation of the following principle: “Leadership is when people follow because they want to, even if they don’t have to.”