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AE Internationalisation – Vision Casting

CET Entrepreneurship Track

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Anderson Tan (Mr) and FT Liu (Mr)


2.5 hours



What is the session about?


The volume, variety and velocity of changes in Asia’s geopolitical environment are simply mind-boggling.  Technological affordances, the Belt-Road-Initiative, and even trade tensions between various super-economies, are creating significant opportunities for the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector.  The region is seeing unprecedented Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) growth, which naturally surface skills gaps that present tremendous opportunities for AEs from Singapore who can help to bridge them. Seizing these opportunities would require our AEs to embrace an international entrepreneurial mindset and move beyond the comfort zones of Singapore, into where the real action is! 

This Special Interest Group is about Continuous Education and Training going international. Anderson Tan and F T Liu, who have ventured overseas for some time are facilitating a special 6-session SIG track that has started on 27 May 2019. This upcoming (6 Sep 2019) get-together is the third session.

In these sessions, participants learn and share  about the business and CET climate of  countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, China and developing the Go-to-Market plan.

You can expect the following to be covered in the  6 Sept session:

  • Go-to-Market updates from the various country teams
  • Insights of ‘ASEAN Markets’ from Enterprise Singapore Officials
  • Go-to-Market CET events in the various countries
  • Activity sessions


(We welcome first- comers to the SIG as you will be able to pick up the information and knowledge of this Entrepreneurship initiative within the session itself).


What does the session cover?


At the end of this session, you would be able to:

  • An opportunity to “Hunt as a Pack” targeting the International Market
  • Sharing and Coaching from experienced Edupreneurs who have made inroads to some countries
  • Opportunities to-create new business models
  • Opportunities to expand into more countries


Fees & funding

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Session fee


This session is open to AEN members for free.  To register for AEN membership, please click here.


About the speaker

Mr Anderson Tan

Chairman | Accelebator Pte Ltd

Mr. Anderson Tan is a Practising Management Consultant (PMC), and a Specialist Adult Educator (SAE).  Equipped with a Masters in Lifelong Learning and Masters in Engineering; and managing several government Approved Training Organisations (ATO), Anderson has extensive and deep experience in bringing ATOs into the international markets through a novel investment structure and vehicle.

Mr FT Liu

AEP (SAE), CEO | Professional Supremacy Corporation Pte Ltd

Mr. FT Liu is a Professional Management Consultant, a Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation), an Adult Educator Mentor, and an ACTA-Certified trainer. He is currently undergoing his Certification as a Workplace Learning Specialist.  Equipped with a masters in knowledge management and an honours degree in engineering, FT has more than 25 years of regional sales and marketing experience with various US and European multinationals.

With the Singapore economy slowing down to 2 to 3 per cent for the next decade, FT decided to leverage his regional sales and marketing experience to bring Professionals from Singapore to share their skills, knowledge and experience with the Professionals in Developing Economies so that they are equipped to take their economy to the next level.

His first overseas target was Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar and FT has already obtained sustained growth in TAE engagements in the last 3 years.