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How to Think On Your Feet!

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Ricky Lian (Mr)


2.5 hours



What is the session about?

Thinking on your feet means to firstly consider what you want to communicate, so when you talk, you are truly ready to share your thoughts and make a meaningful point. It means you buy time to think before you speak. This technique buys you precious seconds to do the thinking, to make an interesting insight in the conversation.

Thinking on your feet is speaking impromptu and without preparation. This presents a problem in two-way communication situations: when people are asked to speak unexpectedly, or when they are asked a question.

People who speak before thinking what they’re going to say sound unprepared. Sounding unprepared lowers your poise, followed closely by a loss in confidence – both yours and your listener’s.

So if your goal is to successfully communicate with others, you will want to master thinking on your feet and respond positively during impromptu communication. 


What does the session cover?


In this session, you can expect to learn the techniques and practice of ‘Thinking on Your Feet’. 



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About the speaker

Ricky Lian (Mr)

Executive Coach

Mr. Ricky Lian brings the solid foundation of 50 years of life, business and coaching experience. He helps people and teams to develop excellence in Leadership Communication, to develop Voice and Presence.

Ricky’s specialty in this area is coaching clients to fully understand and incorporate the use of Voice in persuasive communication.  He helps C-suite level and senior executives to present their ideas in conversations that inspire and lead to action.

His coaching skills have helped individuals and teams achieve outstanding performance and productivity.  An EQ articulate Executive Coach, his specialism is in coaching Leaders to achieving excellence in High-stakes Presentations.