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The Organisational Zoo: Behavioural Adaptability and Building Trusted Relationships In Accelerated 4.0 World

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Md Indera Tasripin (Mr) | Arthur Shelley (Dr)


2 hours


This is a fully online session conducted via ZOOM.  Participants can participate in the session from any venue of their convenience with a laptop / device that is compatible with ZOOM.  More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.


What is this programme about?


Employ the use of ‘26 Zoo Metaphors’ in The Organizational Zoo (OZAN) – developed by Dr. Arthur Shelley for adult educators, coaches and consultants for behavioural-based trainings and topics in areas of leadership, organisational development, team and organisational dynamics, workplace engagement, conflict resolution, communication for influence and igniting innovative workplace cultures.

Also, explore and experience first-hand, The Organizational Zoo (OZAN) proprietary training tools such as OZAN cards and OZAN DNA Profiling tool which has been used in over 20 countries in diverse sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, banking & finance, institutes of higher learning and other Not-for-Profit organisations.

Led by The Organizational Zoo Singapore Ambassador & Asia Head, Mr. Md Indera Tasripin, will share with participants the OZAN methodology, game variations of the zoo for action-learning, unpacking and contextualizing training issues with OZAN tools for sector-wide applications that includes use of metaphors to build and maintain relationships as well as facilitating group dynamics and dialogue experience and many more.


What does it cover?


At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Acquire new tools, techniques and activities drawn from the ’26 Zoo Metaphors’ for application in key sector-wide topics such as leadership, change management, strategy, conflict resolution, enhancing workplace relationships and organizational development
  • Engage in the process of profiling and understanding existing organizational culture to drive shift in organisational culture
  • Apply higher levels of leadership strategies through greater understanding of convergent and divergent capabilities
  • Devise customisable activities related to organisational development for sector specific uses


Who is it suitable for?


This programme is for professionals in:

  • Adult Education: comprises job functions in the activities of learning design, curriculum development, learning facilitation, assessment of learning competence, learning technology integration and providing consultancy and advisory services to drive business performance
  • Learning Management: comprises job functions in the management and support of learning programmes, systems and technology management and implementation, quality assurance of learning programmes and driving business development


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About the speaker


Md Indera Tasripin (Mr)

Singapore Ambassador and Asia Head | The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network

Mr. Indera has pioneered the introduction of The Organizational Zoo (OZAN) – a professional training tool used in over 20 countries – into Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia. Since 2017, over 30 new Organizational Zoo practitioners from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei have been certified through his pioneering efforts. 

The reach of The Organizational Zoo (OZAN) was incorporated for repetitive leadership training courses for region-wide managers of Indonesia’s central bank, Bank Indonesia, and incorporated into MNCs such as Rohde & Schwarz and conglomerates such as Shwe Taung (Myanmar). Through his leadership, new Organizational Zoo chapters will be opening in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and other Asian regions in 2018-2019.

Indera has over 15 years of diverse experience in the training, media and education industries, where he professionally trains, speaks and facilitates in areas of leadership, strategy, organizational development and innovation and creativity in the 4.0 era. He also helps his clients to identify optimal business positioning, proliferate brand reach and develop organisational assets for expansion and gaining new market shares in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Arthur Shelley (Dr)

Founder | The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network

Dr Arthur Shelley is a capability development and knowledge strategy consultant with over 30 years professional experience. He has held a variety of professional roles including managing international projects in Australia, Europe, Asia and USA and teaches Knowledge Management in RMIT University MBA program and Project Leadership in the Master of Project Management. He has a PhD in studies exploring the influence of behaviour in project team environments and how metaphor could be used to develop productive interactions and conversations. In 2014 he was awarded with an Australian Office of Learning and Teaching citation for “Outstanding contributions to student learning outcomes.” Arthur is the author of three books:

  • Knowledge Succession
  • Being a Successful Knowledge Leader, and
  • The Organizational Zoo – A survival guide to workplace behavior.


Arthur is the founder and creator of The Organizational Zoo; a leadership, performance and organizational development proprietary training tool used in over 20 countries and in diverse organizations such as NASA, World Bank and Bank Indonesia. He is regularly invited to international conferences to speak or facilitate workshops on his books and articles. Arthur is the founder of The Organizational Zoo Ambassadors Network (a professional peer mentoring group), leader of the RMIT MBA mentoring program, co-facilitator of the Melbourne KM Leadership Forum, and formerly the Global Knowledge Directory for Cadbury Schweppes.

He has traveled extensively and has lived or worked in many Australasian and European countries as well as working on American projects. From these experiences, he developed an appreciation of the important of leveraging the diversity of thinking, behaviour and culture in finding the best way forward. In Singapore he plays a crucial role as developer, award designer and chief judge of the Knowledge Ready Organizations (KRO Awards), where corporate and government organizations such as Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI), Singtel, National Library & National Council of Social Service are evaluated for their knowledge-management readiness as an organization.