Inspire Your Workplace Transformation Journey


What Workplace Transformation Projects Can You Embark On?


Whether your job function requires you to lead holistically or in your respective fields of Human Resource and/or Learning and Development functions – be inspired by the workplace transformation journey of more than 60 enterprises who have achieved the following through CWLP’s consultancy and workplace learning projects.

Here are the themes of workplace transformation projects that our enterprises have embarked on and completed. 

  • Employee Professionalisation Projects

    Objective: Enhancement of employee productivity and performance

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  • Operational Efficiency Projects

    Objective: Improvement in operational processes for seamless work

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  • Digitalisation & Automation Projects

    Objective: Adoption of technologies - resulting in cost and time savings

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  • Job Redesign Projects

    Objective: Provision of opportunities to upskill and reskill employees for growth in organisation

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  • Employee-Driven Innovation Projects

    Objective: Empowerment of employees to innovate improvisations at work.

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Our Enterprise Advocates for Workplace Transformation


Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA)


LEA members are committed to using workplace learning for design of work and workplaces, to promote continuous learning and performance.

Check out our enterprise advocates who are part of CWLP’s LEA and find out more about the projects they have undertaken. 

Employee-Driven Innovation (EDI)


EDI pilot projects undertaken by organisations to allow employees, who are experts in their fields, to innovate and improve work processes, services and products. 

Check out our enterprise advocates who have embarked on their very own EDI transformation journey and find out more about the projects they have undertaken.

Diagnose Your Performance Gaps with Industry Experts


IAL has amassed deep expertise in the niche area of workplace learning complemented by our pool of Consultants.

A tripartite partnership consisting of IAL, a designated Consultant as well as the leaders of your enterprises/MNC works together to advocate workplace transformation by embarking on workplace learning projects to address your performance issues and gaps to achieve your key business goals.