Learning Enterprise Alliance


Be an Enterprise Advocate for Workplace Transformation!


Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA), an initiative by IAL, is a knowledge network of curated enterprises, representing diverse industry sectors and profiles. LEA members are committed to using workplace learning for design of work and workplaces, to promote continuous learning and performance.


Benefits of LEA Membership


  • LEA members will receive funding support of up to 80% of eligible consultancy costs or S$10,000 (whichever is lower) to jumpstart their workplace learning transformation projects.  
  • LEA members will receive exclusive invitations to participate in Masterclasses, Learning Journeys and Expert Roundtables to keep abreast with the latest TAE trends and developments.


Eligibility Criteria 


Eligibility Criteria for Enterprises:

  • Commitment and resources to complete a business improvement project with IAL lasting 4-6 months to support and benefit from SkillsFuture initiatives.
  • Senior Management is committed to contribute to the LEA knowledge network and enrich their own capabilities to lead high-performing organisations.



List of LEA Members


View the full list of LEA members below.

Highlights of LEA 2020 Awards Ceremony


Past Enterprise Projects

  • Aegis Building and Engineering Pte Ltd

    Project Aims: Develop a on-the-job training programme to cater all employees, including staff with special needs. 

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  • All Saints Home

    Project Aims: Upskill the competencies of nurses to improve the quality of patient care. 

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  • Coffee Hive Pte Ltd

    Project Aims: Support the learning experience of employees and maintain consistency and quality of food & beverages across all outlets. 

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  • Concorde Security Pte Ltd

    Project Aims: Address staff turnover and declining sales rates.

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  • Dezign Format Pte Ltd

    Project Aims: Develop a structured learning system to strengthen staff competencies. 

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  • Farrer Park Hospital Pte Ltd

    Project Aims: Foster and implement workplace learning to enhance customer service competencies in staff. 

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  • Home-Fix D.I.Y Pte Ltd

    Project Aims: Develop a training system to familiarise employees with the new line of Smart Home products offered by Home-Fix. 

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  • Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

    Project Aims: Develop capabilities in nurses to empower them to provide timely and professional patient care.

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