Learning Enterprise Alliance


Be an Enterprise Advocate for Workplace Transformation!


Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA), an initiative by IAL, is a knowledge network of curated enterprises, representing diverse industry sectors and profiles. LEA members are committed to using workplace learning for design of work and workplaces, to promote continuous learning and performance.

LEA members are eligible for additional support to undergo the Great Place to LearnTM (GPTL) Certification – the  quality mark for enterprises whose systems, processes, and people, contribute to a culture of learning and excellence as assessed by employees.


Benefits of LEA Membership:


  1. LEA members will receive funding support of up to 80% of eligible consultancy costs or S$ 10,000 (whichever is lower) to jumpstart their workplace learning transformation projects.  
  2. Up to 10 eligible LEA members will receive funding support of up to 80% of eligible certification costs to embark on the Great Place to LearnTM (GPTL) Certification. Funding support is applicable to SMEs only. 
  3. LEA members will receive exclusive invitations to participate in Masterclasses, Learning Journeys and Expert Roundtables to keep abreast with the latest TAE trends and developments.


Apply to be a LEA Member:


Application for LEA starts from 9 January 2019 and closes on 26 March 2019

Eligibility criteria for enterprises:

  • Commitment and resources to complete a business improvement project with IAL lasting 4-6 months to support and benefit from SkillsFuture initiatives.
  • Senior Management committed to contributing to the LEA knowledge network and enriching their own capabilities to lead high-performing organisations.


Interested enterprises can write in to learningatwork@ial.edu.sg and IAL will get in touch to assess enterprise eligibility. IAL reserves full rights to make the final decision on all application outcomes.



Hear it from our LEA member – ECON Healthcare Group:

“The LEA project opened to us a wealth of knowledge and experience available through various learning specialists, subject matter experts, and leading research and educational institutes. LEA brought to us the newest best practices and know-how that broadened our minds and helped formulate important strategies to achieve our organisational goals.

Being part of LEA has also given us access to a number of private sessions with world-leading thought leaders. These sessions had provoked deeper thoughts as to how we make decisions, plan and execute.”

- Dr. Xander Ong (Head, Development, ECON Healthcare Group)


View the list of LEA Members 2018 here.