There is no magic trick to formulating an innovative solution to overcome L&D challenges. 


But there are proven methods that can be used to develop your idea into a real solution.


innovJam 2021 equips you with the approaches and tools to analyse the issues, and build the right learning solutions. 



2021 Cohort


inlab welcomed 11 teams to its 2021 cohort.  These teams were selected after pitching their iterated ideas to a panel of judges. Each team will get $5,000 Starter Grant to further work on their ideas and present these ideas on Showcase Day, 29 October 2021. 


Here are the 11 selected teamssite

01 Blue Elephants Solutions (website)

Micro App for Knowledge retention and protect training investments through the use of AI and spaced retention. 


02 Data Heist  

Educating the public on cyber hygiene and bring awareness about the need to protect personal data.  


03 Educat

A one stop platform for affordable micro learning. 


04 HappyMeCareer 

A digital coaching platform that serves to bridge the individual to coaches. 


05 MatcHub (website

An AI-powered platform that matches talents with companies using an intelligent job matching algorithm that profiles candidates based on their career aspirations, personality and soft skills. 


06 My AcuiZen 

A structured personalized learning application for Gig Workers that enables them to access relevant job-related content through a one-stop Mobile App.


07 Meetmumz 

A Tinder-like App For Moms, that helps connect moms' community and offers learning opportunity for these Mom Entrepreneurs.


08 Joyful People 

Reinforcement training for frontline workers.


09 Startupforest 

A fully interactive web application that helps founders build, launch and grow their startup.


10 Learning with Autism 

To initiate a learning experience for Bukit Batok residents to bring about a five-year vision plan of creating a kind and inclusive Bukit Batok town.


11 TrinityEco (Website

A sustainability tech company that developed Trivity which is a customizable regtech platform to make sustainability reporting easier, affordable and internationally credible 



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