Past InnovLOGUE events 


27 April 2018

Topic: Motivation for Learning and the Growth Mindset

Presenter: Associate Professor Nie Youyan

Panel Speakers: Ms Patsian Low, Ms Lori Figueiredo, Dr Parveen Sandhu (Panel Moderator)

Synopsis: It is widely recognised that lifelong learning is key to Singapore's economic viability in the 21st century. Many courses and programmes have been launched to help working adults pursue their continuing education. Financial and other types of support were offered at various levels. Institutions have tried to redesign their courses to address adult learners' needs such as incorporating it into bite-sized units, flexible schedules and locations. However, are these the main factors related to their intention to enrol in the courses? The session revealed the recent research findings showing that one's internal growth mindset is an even stronger predictor in addition to these types of external support. There were also engagements with the expert panel on the implications of this for Adult Educators, course designers and policy advisors.


19 January 2018

Topic: Future of Work and Its Implications for the Training and Adult Education Sector

Presenter: Mr Darryl Parrant

Panel Speakers: Mr Lee Wee Chee, Mr Simon Freebody, Mr Daryl Lim (Panel Moderator)

Synopsis: Workplace automation, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, is expected to surge in the next three years in companies throughout the Asia Pacific. Are companies and HR functions fully prepared to address the organisational change requirements related to automation, or the opportunities offered by a larger contingent talent pool? Results from the recent Willis Towers Watson Global Future of Work Survey showcase the insights from leading industry advisory and workforce capability professionals, researchers and AE capability developers.