The Art & Science of Game-based Learning

Ast/Prof Azilawati / Mr Noah Falstein


2 hours



What is the session about?


Using game play to make learning interesting and engaging has been gaining interest from educators, with the onset of 21st century mobile connectivity. With digital mobile gaming expected to get more popular globally and in Singapore, how can educators capitalise on this trend, effectively (there is learning efficacy) and sustainably (learners stay interested and engaged)? Can a balance be achieved, or are they necessarily divergent?

Come and hear the perspectives from the expert panel representing research, design and industry from the field of game-based learning.


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About the Panelists and Moderator

Ast/Prof Azilawati Jamaludin

Assistant Dean, Science of Learning, NIE

Ast/Prof Azilawati does research in the application of technology for the facilitation of future-ready learning. She has worked on multiple research projects around innovative pedagogies including characterizing how innovations scale, diffuse and translate from one context to another.


She is the Principal Investigator of multiple national funded projects, holding a research portfolio of some SGD 5.1 million in competitive research funding. She currently helms a National Research Foundation Science of Learning grant in the area of Neural-Informed Game-based Interventions for Mathematical Cognitive Development. Azilawati publishes extensively and is frequently invited as keynote speaker to many international conferences on learning sciences and technology.


Mr Noah Falstein

Owner, The Inspiracy

Noah Falstein entered the game industry in 1980 and was one of the first employees at Lucasfilm Games (LucasArts Entertainment). He is a master in game design and production, having led numerous blockbuster games and consulted clients such as CISCO and Microsoft, for corporate training. He also currently advises on the use of games in medical education and treatment.


Noah was Google’s Chief Game Designer from 2013 to 2017, and is active in supporting the serious games industry around the world, such as Mentor to Google’s Indie Games Accelerator in Singapore. Noah has chaired and been on the advisory boards of numerous industry associations and conferences in serious games, as well as companies providing services in game development.


Mr Siddarth Jain

Founder & Chief Creative Director, Playware Studios Pte Ltd


Siddarth Jain founded Playware Studios in Singapore in 2005, after having been a professional gamer and lecturing in game design in various institutes.


He has led in the development and release of over 50 serious games, 4 serious games development platforms, 2 simulations, 5 Interactive VR labs, and many other projects. Sid regularly engages the community through workshops and talks, to raise awareness and scout talent for game playing as an enabler of learning.