InnovPLUS November 2019

The 8th Round of the InnovPLUS is now open for application of Challenge Statement from prospective Challenge Owners. Join the ranks of the 17 enterprises that have won the coveted InnovPlus Flame Grant to develop trailblazing learning and performance solutions.
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A total of 9 Challenge Statements for InnovPLUS VIII have been received calling for innovative learning solutions. If you have a solution for any of them, why not pitch it to the Challenge Owner organisation, and stand a chance of forming a Challenge Team to vie for the InnovPLUS Flame Prototyping Grant of $200,000.


Challenge Statement Synopsis

Organisation Pseudonym

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We are an institution focusing on CET programmes in the Built Environment sector, seeking a solution that can provide a highly immersive interactive learning environment for learner collaboration in using digitally simulated tools/equipment to “assemble & disassemble Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Modular systems” in a real or virtual selected environment.


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We are a chemical distribution company seeking a learning solution that would provide online support and coaching in the areas of Sales, Customer Service, Marketing Sales and Leadership, that can drive behavioural change, monitor application of learning and transform mindsets.


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We are a fitness and health company seeking a learning solution for updating of our fitness consultants on current industry best practices and standards, in an engaging and comprehensive way. Due to the nature of our business, we face limited accessibility and engagement opportunity with all our fitness consultants in face to face training session mode, to level up or deliver new training methods or facilitation materials. This is due to our fitness consultants being located in multiple locations across Singapore and have varying learning and work experiences.


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We are a training and consultancy company seeking a workplace learning solution that can be completely integrated with automated systems for day-to-day operations. Examples include patrol systems for security officers, automated operations apps for cleaners or technicians, and POS systems for waiters and cashiers.

Workplace Learning

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We are a learning and development consultancy company seeking a learning solution that autonomously reviews a subject’s competency in demonstrating ability as an Adult Educator, in a quantifiable way highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses. The solution would also provide further recommendations that informs the subject on ways and interventions to address those gaps and track progress.


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We are a corporate advisory services company and subsidiary of a major F&B player in Singapore. We seek a learning solution for the training, assessment and monitoring of F&B restaurant employees, which is a perennial challenge due to the nature of the industry, and fast moving consumables. Skills areas include food handling, preparation and customer services.


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We are a logistics with food and transport company seeking a learning solution to raise the digital, data and computational disposition of our large workforce, many above 50 and with only secondary school formal education. We envisage the solution to be able to build resilience in our workforce in trouble shooting technical-digital-human interfaces, be based on current and projected future workplace contexts and be engaging.


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We are a public hospital seeking a learning solution that would test the effectiveness of haptic feedback technology in enhancing the skills training and competency assessment of nurses. We envisage the solution would enhance the recreating and repeating of clinical techniques with realistic touch sensations in a safe simulated virtual environment.

The Academy

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We are a human capital consulting and training service company seeking a learning solution that would intelligently draw pertinent and relevant information from the various Skills Frameworks (SFw) that would apply directly to the stakeholder groups wishing to use the SFw for their purposes, be it training provision, career development, performance target & work planning, HRM/HRD initiatives, etc. The current process of using the SFw is manual, time-consuming and assumes that all the users have the pre-requisite abilities to use the SFw independently. As a result, there is  Reduced motivation in users to use the SFw resources  Reduced productivity in overall learning process  Inability in enterprises to maximise the potential of SFw in enhancing their learning and performance systems and culture

Learning and Performance

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Prospective Solution Partners may express your interest in pitching your solution to any Challenge Statement by completing the InnovPLUS Expression of Interest (EOI) Form_2019November which may be downloaded here.