2021 Run 2

innovPlus Challenge 2021 Run 2 is now open.

Will the light still glow after the glass is shattered? Make today’s impossibilities tomorrow’s norm, by empowering learning as part of creative solutioning. Take on the challenges that limit work performance, as you venture into new frontiers of learning!

The innovPlus Challenge offers training organisations and enterprises opportunities to identify and trial innovative learning solutions in collaboration with prospective solution partners. Shedding light on the issue from different perspectives, both parties will combine their talents to bring to life tomorrow’s innovation. The winning solutions will be awarded a grant of up to $200,000 for prototype development and pilot testing.

Join now as Challenge Owners in the innovPlus Challenge! Do take note of the Challenge key dates in the calendar below. Take the first step to participate, register to attend one of the scheduled Prospectus Briefings:

1. Prospectus Briefing 1 (22 June 2021)

2. Prospectus Briefing 2 (06 July 2021)

For more information about participating in innovPlus Challenge, please refer to the resources below.