Innovation Activities


Find out more about learning innovation activities through inlab programmes which are designed to empower training and adult education professionals to take learning beyond traditional face-to-face classroom delivery, and maximise the application of learning back in the actual workplace.


inlab programmes bring together different stakeholders to Explore, Collaborate and Innovate. Our signature programmes comprises two idea and prototype competitive innovation grant initiatives - innovPlus and innovJam; two knowledge awareness platforms - innovLogue and innovBite and a capability development initiative -innovDev.

innovPlus - A competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes. The innovPlus is run twice a year.
innovPlus June 2021 Challenge is now open! Click here or image below to find out more!
To register and attend the innovPlus June 2021 (Round 11) Prospectus Briefings which will happen on 27th and 28th January, click this link or scan this QR code:
For past innovPlus winners, click here.

innovJam - Join TAE professionals, entrepreneurs, technology partners in mini-hackathons to generate solutions to resolve learning challenges faced by enterprises. Or simply take this opportunity to put your ideas up for debate and get the first scoop on the next transformational learning wave.
  • For information on Ideathon 2020 (2nd Cohort), click here.
  • Winning Teams sharing on Ideathon & Scale-Up here
  • For past highlights, click here.

innovLogue - A programme sets out to bridge research and practice for better learning outcomes via a two-hour seminar and panel-led dialogue. The sessions are held on a bi-monthly basis. Be inspired by specially invited gurus and expert practitioners and engage them in panel discussions and Q&A.
For past InnovLOGUE highlights, click below:

innovBite - a form of peer or informal learning, a quick 1 to 2 hour sharing session by acknowledged experts from the CET community. Topics covered are wide-ranging: from success stories, tips and tricks that work to insider know-hows. For past highlights, please click here.
Curated educational technology (edtech) tools that are cost-effective, to help reduce costs in implementing blended learning, and easy to use in classroom, online and workplace learning. These tools would also help kickstart adoption of innovative blended learning & facilitation practices. These tools are called CEE (short for Cost-effective and Easy-to-use) tools. Click here to find out more.

InnovDev - Recently launched in August 2020, alongside the Training Adult Education (TAE) Industry Digital Plan (IDP). It supports local training providers and enterprises with learning and development units in their efforts to go digital, by building their capabilities in blended learning design and course delivery. Please click here to find out more.