Accelerate your learning innovations with our new innovSpur Programme with a grant of up to $500,000. Scale up your learning solutions to commercially marketable solutions.

innovSpur, together with the Innovation Sandbox, are the new anchor programs of the SkillsFuture Singapore Agency’s (SSG) national initiative on iN.LEARN 2.0. (Please see “About iN.LEARN 2.0” below for more information.)

innovSpur supports the scaling up and early adoption of viable learning innovations with:

  • Up to $500,000 grant (or 75% of the project value)
  • Live-testing support, in real market and customer conditions

If you are an EdTech solutionist looking to scale up your offerings, or an organisation looking to be an early adopter of a viable learning innovation, innovSpur can help you to better bridge the developmental challenges typically faced in these circumstances.

For EdTech solutionists, whether you had developed a prototype as part of the innovPlus programme, or independently developed a viable learning innovation, innovSpur offers the funding and product-testing support to help take your innovation all the way to its ultimate form—a commercially marketable product—by that, advancing innovation in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector.

By participating in innovSpur, you will be eligible to apply and may be accepted into an Innovation Sandbox program, that provides solutionists a conducive space for the experimentation and implementation of innovative CET solutions by granting time-limited regulatory waivers so that courses delivered using these innovative solutions can be eligible for SkillsFuture Singapore Agency’s (SSG) course fee funding and/or SkillsFuture credit for up to 2 years.

Deadline for innovSpur 2022 application submission: 19th September 2022.

innovSpur Application Forms (220731)

Innovation Sandbox Guide

Prospectus Briefing

Please watch the video below for the prospectus briefing. 

*The prospectus briefings will be replaced by clinic sessions. If you have registered for the prospectus briefing, we will follow up with you via email to arrange for clinic sessions. 

Do contact us at and Cc if you have questions about innovSpur.

innovSpur Briefing Slides

 Attend the Clinic Sessions

If you are keen to participate and have questions on the application form and process, schedule a 20min consultation on your proposal. Please click on the dates below to book a slot:

  1. 15th Aug
  2. 16th Aug
  3. 26th Aug
  4. 29th Aug
  5. 30th Aug
  6. 12th Sep

Please also send a copy of the following information to William Phay's email address ( to facilitate the consultation:

  1. Application form (areas that you would like to seek input in)
  2. Any other questions

In-Person Networking Event @ inlab - 8th September, 6pm - 8pm

In partnership with the Singapore Education Network (SEN), inlab is hosting an in-person networking & briefing session.

Attend this networking event to find out more about innovSpur, inlab and our innovSeries, and meet potential partners for your innovSpur application!

Dinner buffet and refreshments will be served. Registration for this event is only through SEN, and SEN charges a SGD11.56 fee for such networking sessions.

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Date: 8th September, 2022

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Venue: inlab (Innovation Lab) - 11 Eunos Road 8, #05-03, Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore 408601

 (Note: Please take only the lifts from Lobby B to Level 5. Turn right when exiting the lifts.)

About iN.LEARN 2.0

iN.LEARN 2.0 is a national initiative by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). It follows in the footsteps of iN.LEARN 2020, which was launched in 2015 to promote innovative and blended learning in the Continuing Education and Training (CET) ecosystem. The initiative has been refreshed to better foster supportive market conditions that can increase the rate and adoption of innovative training approaches and practices. CET providers can tap on iN.LEARN 2.0 for co-funding and co-sharing the risks of promising innovations, as well as receiving exemption from regulatory requirements.

iN.LEARN 2.0 will focus on four key areas to support the on-going transformation of the TAE sector:

  1. increasing the uptake of online and blended learning by individuals;
  2. amplifying enterprises’ adoption of innovative learning technology;
  3. developing effective remote assessment and proctoring solutions for individual and enterprise-led training; and
  4. developing effective placement solutions that tighten the industry-training nexus.

SSG has appointed inlab - IAL's Innovation Centre, which focuses on catalysing learning innovation in Singapore’s TAE sector, as the Programme Manager to oversee and manage the innovation programmes.

The three programmes under iN.LEARN 2.0 include:

1) innovSpur

The innovSpur, the new anchor programme of iN.LEARN 2.0, will support innovators in scaling up minimum viable products to the commercialization stage, that is ready for the Learning and Development market. Applicants will be evaluated according to innovativeness, market and competition, impact, scalability, risks mitigation, track record and project team competencies.

Projects may be awarded a grant capped at SGD 500,000 per project, for up to one year. The successful applicants are required to co-fund 25% of the project’s eligible cost.

Evaluation criteria for innovSpur

2) Innovation Sandbox

The Innovation Sandbox provides innovators a conducive space for the experimentation and implementation of innovative CET solutions by granting time-limited regulatory waivers so that courses delivered using these innovative solutions can be eligible for SSG course fee funding and/or SkillsFuture Credit. If approved, CET courses using these innovative solutions could continue to be eligible for SSG course fee funding for up to two years.

3) innovPlus

The innovPlus is an ongoing programme of inlab. It will cover projects in the ideation stage to be developed into minimum viable products, or basic products that support must-have features.

Projects may receive up to SGD 200,000 per project over one year, to develop a minimum viable product. The project owners are required to co-fund 10% of the project’s eligible cost. Promising projects with the potential to scale may continue to participate in innovSpur.

A local organisation (with a valid UEN) could journey through iN.LEARN 2.0 by:

  • participating as a challenge owner in InnovPlus and receiving up to SGD 200,000 grant for a year, to develop a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • The same organisation can continue to participate in innovSpur (if eligible), for the development of the MVP into a Minimum Marketable Product (MMP).

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