Adult Learning Collaboratory

Engaging a Dynamic Ecosystem of Enterprises, Education & Training Institutes, Educators, Researchers & Policymakers to Co-Create and Co-Produce Solutions. 

Use-Centric Co-Creation

Use-Centric Co-Creation

Use-Centric Co-Creation

Research-Backed Insights

Use-Centric Co-Creation

Iterative Experimentation

Use-Centric Co-Creation

Innovative Solutions

Use-Centric Co-Creation

Dynamic Ecosystem

About the ALC

A groundbreaking initiative by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), the Adult Learning Collaboratory (ALC) is a first-of-its-kind, crucial social innovation that aims to energise the adult learning landscape in Singapore & beyond. Set up to tackle the complex challenges in adult learning, the ALC is a collaborative platform with an open-innovation ecosystem involving diverse stakeholders, including enterprises, education and training institutes, educators, researchers and policymakers. Drawing on IAL’s body of research, these stakeholders will engage in co-framing of issues, co-creation of innovative solutions, and iterative cycles of experimentation in real world settings.

As a start, the ALC will focus on seeking innovative solutions to address these three challenges: (1) digital capability development among workers; (2) activating workers as co-pilots for enterprise transformation; and (3) developing future-oriented pedagogies in the Training and Adult Education ecosystem.



Three key features distinguish the open innovation ecosystem of the ALC:

Use-Centric Co-Creatio icon

Final users of products, services, or any type of innovation are involved as active participants in the co-creation, proliferation and sustained use of the adult learning innovations.

Research-Backed Diagnosis and Insights icon
Diagnosis and Insights

Collaboratory partners have the benefit of drawing upon the research knowledge built up by researchers in IAL and elsewhere to diagnose the root of an adult learning challenge and identify possible solutions for testing and experimentation.

Real-World Testing and Experimentation icon
Real-World Testing
and Experimentation

All innovations are subjected to rigorous tests in authentic settings to achieve high-fidelity with its intended use. These tests undergo iterative cycles for further refinement to meet specific use needs.

What We Do

Leveraging IAL's extensive research and insights, Collaboratory Partners will engage in a dynamic process of testing, experimenting, and iteratively refining solutions in real-world settings. This use-centric, co-creation and experimentation approach, valuing successes and mistakes, ensures high-fidelity innovations that are research-backed and tailored for real-world application.

Supporting the community of innovators, a 3,500-square-foot physical facility will be set up at the Lifelong Learning Institute. Set to launch in the third quarter of 2024, it will be dedicated to encouraging intensive dialogue and idea generation, house a theatrette for experimental work, showcase innovations, and facilitate local and international outreach in adult learning.   

The first three projects identified are aimed at addressing (1) digital capability development among mature workers, (2) building the know-how on activating workers as co-pilots for enterprise transformation, and (3) developing future-oriented pedagogies in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) ecosystem.

Ongoing Projects

ALC Project 1:

“Human-Centric Digital Capability Development for a Multi-generational Workforce”

This project aims to empower workers in the digital age by addressing the challenges they face in evolving their occupational practice using digital tools. It includes creating tailored tools and resources, fostering inclusive workplaces for digital transitions, and promoting trust and growth mindsets in work environments. The overarching goal is to enable all workers to navigate the digital age confidently as productive contributors.

ALC Project 2:

“Enabling employees as co-pilots in enterprise transformation”

This project aims to revolutionise workplaces by engaging the entire workforce in enterprise transformation efforts. It targets business leaders with the interest to rejuvenate their business through bottom-up innovation. The focus is on the approaches that can be taken to activate their workforce to grow the business in new ways while demanding higher skills, thereby growing the pipeline of strong businesses and quality jobs in the economy. Business leaders, consultants, and education and training providers will identify new ways to support the workforce with the knowledge, capabilities and skills to drive enterprise transformation more effectively.

ALC Project 3:

“Integrating future-oriented pedagogies within the TAE sector”

This project focuses on a critical shift in Training and Adult Education (TAE) pedagogies to adapt to the evolving complexities of the workforce. The impetus from this project stems from IAL’s research findings that predominant practices in the TAE sector tend to be less effective at nurturing adult learners’ adaptability and comfort in handling emergent, unknown or complex situations at the workplace.

Our Team

Head (Ecosystem)

Dr Tommie Chen steers the strategic direction of the collaboratory and its activities towards building a high-trust, high-efficacy ecosystem of co-innovation and co-experimentation. This includes co-conceptualising and implementing the relevant research parameters with stakeholders.

Head (Experimentation)

Dr Albert Liau strategises and drives experimentation in authentic settings using innovative methods. He oversees the design, implementation and evaluation of experiments together with stakeholder communities to generate collaboratory output that enhances adult learning.

Specialist (Ecosystem)

Ms Candice Chong catalyzes collaborative ventures with stakeholders. She fosters relationships with stakeholders, and synergises the team to co-design and co-conduct experiments within the Adult Learning Collaboratory.

Specialist (Experimentation)

Ms Jane Lin actualises experimental research within authentic settings using innovative methods. She focuses on supporting collaborative efforts with stakeholders to design, execute, and evaluate experiments, generating collaboratory output that enhances adult learning.

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