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2021 Completed Research Report

Covid-19 Educator Survey

IAL and the University of Bristol (UoB) jointly conducted the COVID-19 Educator Online Survey in Singapore during May and June 2020. The project aims to capture educators' perspectives to understand the impact of online learning on adult educators, learners and learning, current and long-term impact on education institutions/training providers, higher education/TAE sector, and potential changes to the future of education due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2021 Completed Research Report

Understanding Adult Learners' Sense-making to Inform Pedagogical Innovations in Blended Learning

This is a mixed methods study conducted from September 2020 to February 2021. It aims to investigate Singapore adult learners' experiences with transitioning to full online learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2021 Completed Research Report

Training, Skills and Skills Utilisation

This is a collaborative research piece between IAL and UCL Institute of Education's LLAKES and CGHE research centres. The first objective of this collaboration is to assess the current state of the Singaporean graduate labour market through the lens of graduate jobs and provide important intelligence on demand trends in times of continued expansion of higher education and changing demand patterns brought on by technological change and increased competition on globalised markets.

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Ongoing Research

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    Employment Vulnerability (EV) of Tertiary Graduates in Singapore

    While most workers maintain stable employment over their career, an increasing proportion of tertiary graduates (i.e. those with polytechnic diploma and above) have been experiencing worsening employment outcomes even before the pandemic. These individuals face difficulties gaining employment or re-employment, and may be entrenched in short-term or casual work earning low incomes. This study seeks to provide further understanding on employment vulnerability in Singapore by examining the extent to which individuals experience EV, the nature of EV, the role that individuals and employers play in mitigating EV, and suggest possible intervention measures that can help to mitigate EV. Time-ordered sequential information is collected over an individual’s work life span since graduation, on a multitude of variables that may affect employment or career decisions. The surveys is implemented on a large nationally representative sample with a focus on individuals with diploma and higher education and companies in industries that who are unemployed or left the labour force due to inability to find work.

    Report Release on Jun 2022

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    International Survey of Adult Skills Cycle 2

    This is an international survey designed to measure a range of skills that adults use in their work and daily lives – such as reading, finding information and using computers - as well as their education and work experience. It is the second cycle of the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), an initiative of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The first cycle was conducted from 2011 to 2018.

    Report Release on Mar 2022

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    Skills and Learning Study (SLS)

    Skills and Learning Study (SLS) is the third iteration of the Skill Utilisation series which aims to track skills utilisation in Singapore. Lifelong learning is a new area added into this iteration. This study will provide a set of continued skills utilisation measures in Singapore as well as a baseline measure of Singapore’s level of lifelong learning.

    Report Release on Jan 2022

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    Business, Performance and Skills Survey, Wave 2 (BPSS W2)

    This project aims to investigate the demand side of the skills market in Singapore by surveying commercial establishments on their business strategies, skills utilisation and performance. Understanding the links between strategy, skills and performance will aid Singaporean policy makers in building an effective skills strategy for the future. Importantly, as the second wave of the Business, Performance and Skills Survey, this study will provide a sense of the changing landscape in Singapore regarding skills utilisation and the demand for skills.

    Report Release on Oct 2021

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    Training and Adult Education (TAE) Landscape 2

    The Institute for Adult Learning is conducting a national Training and Adult Education (TAE) Landscape Study 2022 to gather information about the organisations and professionals working in the TAE sector. This current project, TAE Landscape 2022, is the second iteration of the TAE Landscape series and seeks to collect the latest data about the TAE sector from 2021 to 2023, e.g. changes in the profile of TAE organisations and professionals, TAE jobs and skills, as well as developments in TAE business and practice in relation to pedagogical innovation, business innovation, productivity, digitalisation and internationalisation. This project will be conducted in 3 phases.

    Report Release on Mar 2021

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    The Future of Jobs and Skills: the Impact of Automation in Singapore

    The project provides a consensus assessment of the skills that are likely to be highly impacted by automation technologies within the next five years and the nature of that impact.

    Report Release on Aug 2020

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