Graduate Certificate in Workplace Learning

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Graduate Certificate in Workplace Learning

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98 hours over 6 months

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Programme Overview

The SUSS-IAL Graduate Certificate in Workplace Learning (GCWPL) is a 15-credit unit, 6-month programme that cover 56 hours of teaching, followed by a work-learn project with enterprises covering 42 hours. It comprises taught courses imbued with authentic case studies, real-life examples and substantive reflections and a Work-Learn component where learners undertake real consultancy projects.

Programme Highlights

Graduates of the GCWPL programme will not only be able to diagnose workplace performance gaps and evaluate learning opportunities, but implement bespoke learning solutions and interventions to drive business outcomes and workplace performance improvement as well. 

Graduates can apply for NACE@IAL and Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA) grants to undertake workplace learning projects in enterprise

Who Should Apply

This programme is relevant to learners who are interested to understand how to kickstart and/or sustain workplace learning at their respective enterprises. They may include enterprise employees that play a pivotal role in strengthening employee capability and performance, notably those in human resources and learning & development, as well as adult educators.

Learning Outcomes

The Graduate in Workplace Learning possesses a few unique features:

  • Reflect critically on professional practice

  • Address workplace performance issues and opportunities

  • Contextualise workplace learning interventions to optimise outcomes

  • Establish bespoke workplace learning strategies to drive sustained performance improvement

  • Assess impact of workplace learning interventions on organisation's desired outcomes and identify ways to enhance learning effectiveness

  • Formulate coherent proposals for grant considerations

  • Support the development of a coaching culture in the workplace

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete two courses: Workplace Learning (10 credit units) and Work-Learn (5 credit units) in the Graduate Certificate in Workplace Learning programme. Students have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in their coursework as part of the fulfilment of the graduate certificate programme.

Compulsory Compliance Courses (15 cu) 

This is a 6-months graduate certificate programme. 

Programme Fees

Course Application Fee 
(One time non-refundable)
S$ 65.40w 9% GST
S$ 60.00 w/o GST

Fee per course
Course Code/ Course TitleCUs
Nett Fee
(No subsidies)

Nett Fee after SkillsFuture Funding^
(for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents)

Nett Fee after SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy^
(for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above)

501 - Workplace Learning Course10
S$ 7,630.00w 9% GST
S$ 7,000.00 w/o GST
S$ 2,289.00w 9% GST
S$ 2,100.00 w/o GST
S$ 889.00w 9% GST
S$ 700.00 w/o GST
502 - Work-Learn Course
S$ 3,270.00w 9% GST
S$ 3,000.00 w/o GST
S$ 981.00w 9% GST
S$ 900.00 w/o GST9
S$ 381.00w 9% GST
S$ 300.00 w/o GST
Full Programme Fee 
S$ 10,900.00w 9% GST
S$ 10,000.00 w/o GST
S$ 3,270.00w 9% GST
S$ 3,000.00 w/o GST
S$ 1,270.00w 9% GST
S$ 1,000.00 w/o GST

*With effect from 1 January 2024, applicants will be subjected to the 9% GST rate

^SkillsFuture Funding and SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES)

  • For each module, you must achieve at least 75% attendance, and successfully attain a ‘Competent’ (C) grading for the final assessment result.
  • For more information on MCES, refer here.

SkillsFuture Credit

  • Only self-sponsored applicants can use SkillsFuture Credit.
  • You can use SkillsFuture Credit, SkillsFuture Credit Top-Up and the $500 Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) to offset the fees. Please register within 60 days from start date of the programme.
  • For more information on SkillsFuture Credit, refer here.


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