WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP)



129.5 hrs


If you have already attained the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) full qualification, you continue to be recognised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) as meeting SSG’s Adult Education (AE) Qualifications Requirements for the training and assessment of SSG-Funded Certifiable courses. 


Are you ready for the evolution in Training and Adult Education?


The new Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) is a Train-The-Trainer (TTT) programme designed to equip you with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) recognised Training and Adult Education (TAE) competencies to not only perform the role of a learning facilitator, assessor of SSG-funded certifiable courses, but also as a budding learning solutionistNEW! who is able to support the performance needs of enterprises and learners experiencing industry transformation.

This programme is designed for both aspiring and existing TAE practitioners to enhance their sector-domain specialist skills with fundamental and emerging TAE competencies to take on the business transformation challenges affecting enterprises and workers.

The new WSQ ACLP programme is aligned to the recently launched Skills Framework for Training and Adult Education (SFw TAE) and replaces the previous WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) qualification. ACLP will extend beyond classroom-based learning design, delivery and assessment to enable learners to develop emerging skills in demand and provide blended learning solutions that can better cater to the needs of learners and enterprises.

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Who Should Attend?

You are an Recommended Learning Pathway

Aspiring TAE

Do you have little
or no TAE
experience, and
have an interest
to explore a
career transition to
be an Adult Educator?

Be guided by a structured,
facilitated learning experience.

Existing TAE

Are you keen to be
updated with blended
learning facilitation
methods and design
learning solutions to
enhance learning
effectiveness for
performance outcomes?

Do you have TAE
experience and
qualifications current
with the sector’s practice
and possess adult
pedagogical expertise?

Be skilled with flexible,
just-in-time, bite-sized
learning experience
– just for you.


Recognised for your TAE qualifications and/or
relevant experience.


Exclusively for Trainers and Assessors of SGUS Programme


Why Choose this Programme


ACLP prepares you to:

  • Adopt an open-minded, innovative and enterprise-relevant mindset to help learners and enterprises to address skills gaps and industry needs.
  • Adapt, adopt and facilitate blended learning solutions (including classroom, workplace and technology-enabled learning modes) for effective learning to meet performance outcomes.
Module Code Module Title Face to Face Training Hours *


Facilitate Learning Experiences for Adult Learners
Understand key principles in adult learning, instructional design and classroom learning delivery to facilitate learning experiences aligned to learner needs and desired outcomes.

2.5 days


Adopt Skills Framework for Professional GrowthNEW!
Adopt the Skills Framework for different stakeholders – employers, employees and training providers to enhance your learning programme and work activities.  

1.0 day


Facilitate Technology-Enabled LearningNEW!
Adapt readily available learning technology tools to incorporate, enhance and facilitate technology-enabled experiences for your learners. 

3.0 days


Facilitate Workplace LearningNEW! ^
Develop and facilitate workplace learning interventions aligned to learners and enterprise needs to drive performance outcomes. 

3.5 days


Design Learning Solutions to Address Performance NeedsNEW!
Design and develop learning solutions by scoping problems and prototyping solutions to drive performance.

3.5 days


Elective Modules 
Please choose one of the following below-


Interpret WSQ and Assess Competence
Learn how to interpret the Singapore WSQ system and its competency standards to design and implement competency based assessments. 

2.5 days


Assess Workplace Learning NEW! ^
Learn how to design and implement workplace learning assessments and provide feedback to your learners. 

2.5 days

Total 5 Core Modules (13.5 days)  + Choose 1 Elective Module (2.5 days)

16 days

ACLP modules are aligned to Skills Framework for Training and Adult Education sector’s Technical Skills and Competencies. For a complete list of ACLP modules and module overview, please click here.


^ In line with the national emphasis to encourage lifelong learning, IAL will be releasing programmes with modules that are designed as stackable credentials. The ACLP modules of M4 and E2 are part of the WSQ Workplace Learning Facilitator (WLF) programme, and graduates of the WLF programme will gain advance standing when progressing into the WSQ ACLP programme. For details on the WLF programme, please refer to www.ial.edu.sg/wlf.


* The total claimable facilitated learning hours for Absentee Payroll is 129.5 hours, which includes face to face training, online synchronous facilitation, coaching and assessment.


Entry Requirements


The ACLP programme is developed for the learners who possess the following assumed skills and knowledge:

  • Have good English proficiency (English language at GCE ‘O’ Level of C6 and above, or WSQ Workplace Literacy skills of Level 6 and above).
  • Be keen to facilitate learning and assess adult learners through the design, reflection and continuous improvement of learning activities in an array of learning settings such as classroom, workplace and technology-enabled learning contexts.
  • Possess appropriate level subject matter specialisation and industry experience, relevant for the design, facilitation and assessment of learning.
  • Possess basic information and communication technology (ICT) skills.
  • Be able to source and analyse relevant materials from the workplace, library, internet or online databases for design and development of learning resources.


Assessment Requirements:

  • Simulated Learning Context - ACLP core modules 1, 2, 3 and Elective 1 are designed to be delivered and assessed in simulated learning context utilising IAL’s learning facilities.
  • Application of Learning using Workplace Context: ACLP core modules 4, 5 and Elective 2 are designed to address workplace learning needs in authentic workplace settings availed by the ACLP learner. 
    • Learners completing these modules should have access to one or a range of workplace or practice environments that will provide them with the opportunity for skills practice.
    • Should a workplace environment be rendered unavailable, learners can choose to pursue completion of assessment using IAL case studies as an alternative. IAL strongly recommends that ACLP learners consider the authentic workplace environment route, for the best overall experience of the learning in the ACLP programme.


Getting Started with ACLP


Get onboard the ACLP programme quickly with the Getting Started with ACLP guide for all-the-important information that helps you sign up to the programme. 

  • What is the Training and Adult Education sector?
  • What is ACLP, and how is it different from ACTA?
  • Which ACLP pathway should you take? 
  • How do you sign up?

Download the guide here.