What is innovBite?

innovBite provides informal and bite-sized learning on the topics that we felt are important for our stakeholders in TAE sector, from individual trainers, someone who needs to engage audience online, hosting digital cross-border collaboration to enterprise stakeholders. The session is 1-2 hours long, designed to highlight a new topic or low hanging fruits that is easily integrated to daily workflow. Learners can come in and check out if they have interest in the topic discussed before diving deep.

The ultimate purpose of this programme is to reduce the risk of experimentation for our community members. You can start your exploration from the concepts/ platforms we have featured; ensuring you have the basic understanding before venturing to find the right fit for your workflow and audience. The sessions aim to improve practices and outcomes in adult education, specifically in the domain of learntech usage, pedagogy and engagement quality.

Sept's Event lineup

We are curating series of learning events to potentially step-up your training delivery and engagement, perhaps by adding another tool or consideration in your arsenal of enabling blended learning. Do register early so we can prepare the session and audience customization better to create a more engaging session.

Knowledge recall easy and authentic
Enabling inclusive adult learning

Past innovBite Highlights

Below are three of most recent innovBite sessions. We have omitted Q&A session along with the segment covered in breakout rooms for all the recordings. For the full history of past innovBite sessions, click here.

Topic: Digitalising Technical Training and Communication in Engineering and Beyond (27th August)

Speaker: Mr. Peter Kristianto Widjaja

Content: The facilitator shared hs experience and tips and tricks in enabling content-heavy learning from his perspective within the construction sector. He advocated for more empathy and not assume tech-savviness from learners.

[Recording will be made available soon]

Topic: Changing mindsets with on-the-go micro-learning (27th August)

Speaker: Mr. Anand Ial Rajkumar and Mr. Christian Borchert

Content: The facilitator shared about the state of micro-learning as a technology that will benefit the experience of adult learning and some use-case scnenarios on how trainers and training providers can utilize the technology

Topic: Better mental well-being in an era of remote working & learning (23rd August)

Speaker: Ms. Bhali Gill

Content: The facilitator shared about research-backed best practices in improving mental wellness as we are balancing remote working and learning with personal time requirement.