What is innovBite?

innovBite provides informal and bite-sized learning on the topics that we felt are important for our stakeholders in TAE sector, from individual trainers, someone who needs to engage audience online, hosting digital cross-border collaboration to enterprise stakeholders. The session is 1-2 hours long, designed to highlight a new topic or low hanging fruits that is easily integrated to daily workflow. Learners can come in and check out if they have interest in the topic discussed before diving deep.

The ultimate purpose of this programme is to reduce the risk of experimentation for our community members. You can start your exploration from the concepts/ platforms we have featured; ensuring you have the basic understanding before venturing to find the right fit for your workflow and audience.

For deeper dive and sessions with certifications, you should check out some of the learning sessions conducted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) classes. Sessions range from 3 hours to multiple days session to ensure sufficient transfer of knowledge and time to practice and internalize learning points. For more details, click here.


April's Event lineup

Here are the planned, bite-sized learning you can grab in April 2021. Do register early so we can prepare the session and audience customization better to create a more engaging session.


Past innovBite Highlights

Below are some of the past innovBite recorded sessions. For the full history of past innovBite sessions, click here.

Topic: Master the keys to a better online traning and engagement

Speaker: Mr. Bryan Tan

Content: The facilitator explored some of the issues commonly faced by trainers and collaboration host in enabling effective engagement. The facilitator also explored some of the research-backed tips in making sure learners from varying culture, motivation and competency could be positively impacted with careful advanced planning.

A summarized recording will be made available soon.

Topic: Engage your audience visually with Google Jamboard and MIRO (4th and 17th Mar 2021)

Speaker: Mr. Jonta Koga

Content: The facilitator walked through step-by-step on how to create visual anchors in enabling a better collaboration or transfer of knowledge, something more than simply slides within presentation deck. 

More information on the session about Google Jamboard, click here.

More information on the session about MIRO, click here.

Topic: Using Pear Deck to transform your digital content? Raise your game (9th Mar 2021)

Speaker: Mr. Thum CC

Content: Find out just how well you are using Pear Deck’s powerful tools, and how to take your skills to the next level. Demonstrations, using actual audience learning material, will showcase the advanced tools in a relatable, practical way. And what you’ll learn will continue to serve you well even after the transition back to traditional training.

More information on the session and Pear Deck as a digital tranformation tool for learning material can be found here.