innovDev is a capability development initiative designed to equip Training Providers and Enterprises with Learning & Development units (TP&Es) with necessary capabilities to transform their present courses into quality tech-enabled or blended courses.
IAL will assign appointed blended learning consultants to coach the TP&E’s curriculum developer/learning designer staff through the course transformation process. As innovDev follows a customized consultancy model, the scope of consultancy work is up to the TP&E and consultant to negotiate and decide based on the TP&E's needs.


Target Participant

innovDev is meant for TP&Es who:
  • are looking to transit to blended learning but lack the pedagogical expertise and know-how to do so; and/or
  • are finding it a challenge to blend their existing courses due to limited learn tech availability, knowledge and know-how.


innovDev Flow



innovDev Grant 

The innovDev grant covers up to 35 consultancy hours, which is paid directly to the innovDev consultant. Each TP&E will also be required to co-pay upfront upon successful admission into innovDev.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions below for more information.


Application Process


  Express Your Interest


Fill up the Google Form link:

Our innovDev Secretariat will follow up with you.


* Feel free to contact Ms Kok Tsz Wing ( if you have any queries.


Please download the Application Form below:


Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions for innovDev may be found and downloaded below:


Contact Us


(Ms) Kok Tsz Wing
Phone: (65) 6579 0321


(Mr) Ivan Lee
Phone: (65) 6579 0309





Frequently Asked Questions


Listed below are the top 5 frequently asked questions. Please download the PDF for the full list of FAQs.

Feel free to contact Ms Kok Tsz Wing ( and Mr. Ivan Lee ( if you have any queries.

innovDev is a capability development initiative where the appointed staff of TP&E applicants will undertake and complete the blended learning course transformations of two existing courses. The two course transformations are conceptualized as a 1+1 format comprising “Guided Redesign” and “Independent Redesign”.

For the “Guided Redesign” course, the innovDev consultant will provide closer guidance through mentoring and coaching on the course transformation as the TP&E appointed staff performs the actual course transformation. For the “Independent Redesign” course, the TP&E staff will apply what was learned in Guided Redesign to perform the course transformation independently and receive feedback from the innovDev consultant.

The allocation of the 35 consultancy hours awarded in the grant is up for negotiation between the TP&E and innovDev consultant for the 2 course transformations.

Please see the figure under “innovDev Flow” on the innovDev website for more information.

Allocation of the 35 hours is up to the consultant and TP&E to decide. The rationale is to allow flexibility for both parties to tailor the usage of consultancy hours to meet both (1) the learning needs of the TP&E staff and (2) the needs of the course transformation. Hence, the 35 hours does not need to be split into 2 exact halves (i.e. 17.5 hours for guided course redesign and 17.5 hours for independent course redesign).

In the event the course transformations and development of TP&E staff’s blended capabilities is estimated to exceed the 35 consultancy hours covered in the grant, the TP&E may also consider engaging the consultant outside of innovDev.

Other than the grant, TP&Es will also benefit as follows:

  • Have a selected course reviewed with detailed advice on the redesign opportunities possible of the course as the TP&E transits towards online learning (Guided Redesign Course);
  • Receive recommendations on the course transformation possibilities and pedagogical approaches appropriate for blended learning;
  • Receive feedback and recommendations on staff development of blended learning capabilities;
  • Receive feedback on redesigned courses (Guided Redesign Course and Independent Redesign Course); and
  • Develop the blended learning capabilities of at least three in-house curriculum development staff and/or associates, involving a combination of coaching and mentoring, to work on development of the course into a technology-enabled or blended learning course.

The onboarding process is as follows:

  1. Interested TP&Es are to submit an innovDev application form along with the required documentation as found on the innovDev webpage
  2. Submitted applications will be processed upon acknowledgement within 8 weeks with the admission outcome decided by the IAL Evaluation Panel
  3. Successful TP&Es will be presented with at least two suitable consultants to choose from
  4. TP&Es are to inform inlab on their selected consultant within 2 weeks
  5. Upon successful matchmaking, the TP&E are to sign the Letter of Grant and other administrative matters before officially embarking on innovDev

Note that admitted TP&Es will have to co-pay a non-refundable flat rate of $428 w/GST ($400 w/o GST) in accordance with the principle of co-payment, and as a form of commitment to its undertaking and contribution to the consultant fees.

Please email the innovDev team (; if you require further information.

Yes, there are. The TP&Es are required to:

  • Meet the target profile innovDev is designed for:
  1. TP&Es who are looking to transit to blended learning but lack the pedagogical expertise and know-how to do so;
  2. TP&Es who are finding it a challenge to blend their existing courses due to limited learn tech availability, knowledge and know-how.
  • Have two existing courses ready for transformation into blended learning courses;
  • Submit completed innovDev application form;
  • Submit required documentation for the two proposed courses as indicated in the application form;
  • Have at least three committed curriculum developers ready to work on transforming their courses; and
  • Commit to send at least one of the appointed TP&E staff to attend IAL’s “6 Principles of Learning Design” Continuing Professional Development Programme within the timeframe of undertaking innovDev.