innovDev Overview

innovDev is a capability development designed to equip Training Providers and Enterprises with Learning & Development units (TP&Es) with necessary capabilities to redesign their present courses into quality tech-enabled or blended courses.
inlab will assign appointed blended learning consultants to coach the TP&E’s curriculum developer/learning designer staff through the redesign process.

Target Participant

innovDev is meant for TP&Es who:
  1. are looking to transit to blended learning but lack the pedagogical expertise to do so;
  2. are struggling to blend their existing courses due to limited pedagogical expertise (e.g. delivering courses online through synchronous lecture-style delivery only).

innovDev Grant 

The innovDev grant covers up to 35 consultancy hours, which is paid directly to the innovDev consultant. Each TP&E will also be required to co-pay a non-refundable flat rate of $400 upfront upon successful admission into innovDev.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for below more information.

innovDev Flow





  1. The TP&E is the target participant of innovDev (see “Target Participant” section above).
  2. The TP&E is able to commit at least 3 curriculum developers and/or associates to work on the course transformations*.

*TP&Es with less than 3 staff may still apply if they are able to ensure the sustainability of course transformations following completion of innovDev. The admission decision is up to the IAL Evaluation Panel and vetted on a case-by-case basis.



  1. Surface 2 existing courses to be put through innovDev for blended redesign.
  2. Apply to the innovDev initiative by submitting the innovDev Application Form.
  3. Deliver a presentation on your selected courses’ offerings, usual mode of delivery and expectations of the guidance and course transformations you would want to see undertaken



Download the Application Form below and email the completed form to:


Terms and Condition


By applying to the innovDev initiative, the TP&E agrees to the following:

  • We will have our assigned curriculum developers / learning designers as listed above to work with Innovation Centre’s appointed innovDev consultant.
  • We acknowledge that our role is to undertake the course transformation ourselves while the role of the innovDev consultant is to provide mentoring and coaching relating to the course transformations.
  • We acknowledge that the responsibilities of the organisation are to allow the consultant to:
    • Review ONE selected existing course for its redesign opportunities;
    • Make recommendations on the course redesign possibilities and pedagogical approaches appropriate for blended learning;
    • Identify capabilities for curriculum development / learning design staff needed for the redesign and propose a development plan, involving a combination of coaching and mentoring, to work on development of the course into a technology-enabled or blended learning course;
  • Assess the quality of work by TP&Es and sign off upon the completion of the TP&E’s redesigned blended courses with the innovDev in charge in Innovation Centre.
  • We will be open to the consultant who may advise us to incorporate a range of means to ensure a quality course, such as types of tools to use, software or platforms to deliver the learning. Our staff may also need to take on more learning to ensure completion of course development after the consultant has completed his / her stint. Such costs of equipment, resources and learning will be borne by us.
  • We are aware that the consultant can only be tapped on for up to 35 hours under the innovDev programme.
  • We will send at least one of the three curriculum developers and / or associates involved in innovDev for the IAL Continuing Professional Development programme “6 Principles of Learning Design” and produce evidence of registration and programme attendance.
  • We will receive a grant equivalent of up to 35 consultancy hours which will be used strictly for payment to the consultant. The monies will not be disbursed to us, but will be paid directly to the consultant.
  • We will grant permission for the assigned blended learning consultant to record coaching interactions for IAL’s research as well as programme development and improvement purposes. In the event we are unable to grant permission, we will provide the reasons for why this is so.
  • We will co-pay a flat non-refundable rate of $400 which includes admin fees upon successful admission into innovDev, in accordance with the principle of co-payment, and as a form of commitment to its undertaking and contribution to the consultant fees.
  • We will undertake and complete the redesign and development of the selected course (guided redesign), regardless of the stage of completion the course is at when the consultant has fulfilled his / her stint. This will be completed within SIX months commencing from the start date.
  • We will undertake and complete the redesign and development of at least one more course (independent redesign) on our own to demonstrate that capability development has taken root. This will be completed within SIX months from the agreed start date.
  • We will submit the documentation of the (1) redesign, development and delivery process and (2) evaluation outcomes including post-course learner feedback both before and after course transformation in written report format for IAL’s research and analytical purposes as well as for accountability purposes to SSG, which funds the initiative. We will present to the IAL Evaluation Panel on the redesigned courses if clarification if required.
  • We will document the whole process from first engagement with the consultant to the final delivery of the first course according to the forms provided for IAL’s research and analytical purposes.
  • We will participate in short interview sessions and / or surveys for IAL’s innovDev evaluation and monitoring efforts to monitor the progress of capability development within the TP&E.
  • We acknowledge that should any of the TP&E staff leave the organisation during the innovDev project, we will replace the staff and bring him/her up to speed to complete the project accordingly.
  • We acknowledge that we need to send in a written request should an extension be required or if there are changes made to the course transformation process / staff. We are aware that these requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and Innovation Centre may propose alternatives to the TP&E’s revised proposal and plans. We accept that the Innovation Centre’s decision will be final.
  • We accept that IAL and the assigned innovDev consultant will not be involved nor held accountable with regards to the accreditation and recognition of the redesigned course(s) by any organisation and / or government agency.

We understand that should we not complete fulfilment of any of the conditions above, or are in breach of any of the conditions above, IAL will claw back the amount paid by IAL to the assigned consultant up to the point of fulfilment and we will repay the entire amount ourselves to the assigned consultant. This will also affect our future participation in other innovSeries programmes involving a grant, such as innovPlus and innovJam


Frequently Asked Questions

innovDev is a sustainable and progressive initiative designed to equip Training Providers and Enterprises with Learning & Development units (TP&Es) with the necessary capabilities to re-design their present programmes and curricula into quality technology-enabled or blended programmes. innovDev aims to meet the needs of TP&Es who have yet to embark on online learning and/or who need guidance to do so.

iinnovDev will support the IDP as it enables TP&Es who have not yet come on board with the delivery of learning in an online environment to do so. Such learning delivery ability is imperative in the current climate, and innovDev will enable TP&Es to begin doing so in a sustained manner.