What is innovDev?


innovDev is an initiative developed as a multi-agency effort with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to support the aims of the Training and Adult Education (TAE) Industry Transformation Map (ITM) in driving nationwide digital transformation in the TAE industry. Supporting these aims, innovDev offers Training Providers and Enterprises with L&D Units:


  • Digitalization support: provides 35 consultancy hours to enhance 2 existing courses into quality tech-enabled or blended courses through coaching from IAL appointed blended learning consultants.
  • Sustainable capability development: equips your staff with necessary capabilities to improve courses after innovDev.
  • Customized consultancy model: offers the flexibility to negotiate and decide on the scope of consultancy work based on your organization’s needs with IAL’s appointed blended learning consultants.


Why innovDev?


While the Covid19 pandemic has sped up adoption of digitalizing our training courses, how do we know and ensure the pedagogical soundness of our online learning environment in this transition? Regardless whether you are exploring where or how to start, or have specific target areas and learning needs in mind, innovDev is conceived to support training providers and curriculum developers in enhancing the instructional design and development of current training courses in both blended and online learning environments.


How will I benefit from innovDev?


  • 35 consultancy hours to be spent enhancing 2 existing courses within 1 year
  • Expertise and guidance from blended learning coaches to ensure pedagogical soundness of courses put through innovDev
  • Development of blended learning capabilities of staff assigned to innovDev
  • Flexibility in determining scope of consultancy support required based on your organisation's needs


Who is innovDev for?


innovDev is meant for Training Providers and Enterprises with L&D Units who are looking to enhance their existing training courses.

Be it whether you want to improve your current courses but are unsure where to start and are looking for a more hands-on guided approach to consultancy, or whether you have specific learning gaps you want to address and would like to work in a targeted manner with the consultant, the scope is up to you and your assigned consultant to decide. Sign up today!


Do I qualify for innovDev?


The admission criteria for innovDev includes:

1. Have 2 existing courses to improve or enhance

2. Have at least 2 full-time curriculum developers – long-term associates of more than 2 years are accepted

3. Co-pay $535 (w GST) in accordance to the principle of commitment upon successful admission into innovDev


How does innovDev work?




What do I need to deliver?


  • Submit documentation (i.e. course redesign plan form, artefacts, feedback forms) for the 2 course redesigns performed


Application Process


  Download the application form below


  Submit your completed application form to   



*Admissions are ongoing. Please download the Application Form below to apply.

**Feel free to contact Mr Jonta Koga ( if you have any queries.

***If you would like to learn more about the programme, fill up the form here and our innovDev Secretariat will follow up with you:


Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions for innovDev may be found and downloaded below:


Contact Us


(Mr) Jonta Koga
Phone: (65) 6579 0321





Frequently Asked Questions


Please download the list of FAQs below.

Feel free to contact Mr. Jonta Koga ( if you have any queries.


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