Special Interest Groups

In our ongoing commitment to better serve AEN members, we've introduced essential changes to our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Introducing Four NEW SIGs for 2024!

We're excited to reveal FOUR New SIG for 2024, shaped by insights from our 'Choose Your SIG' poll last October. Workplace Learning, Critical Core Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Internationalisation (which will replace CET Entrepreneurship) emerged as top choices among IAL’s AEN members. Our commitment to advancing the field of adult education remains steadfast, and we are thrilled to unveil these innovative SIGs tailored to meet the evolving needs of AEN members and the TAE sector.  

To make room for these exciting additions, please note that SIG Social Learning and CET Entrepreneurship will not be offered in 2024. We look forward to the enriching experiences these new SIGs and together with our existing ones – Coaching, Facilitation, Learning Design and Learning Technology - will bring to our vibrant AEN community.

A Holistic Approach to Member Development

Anticipate heightened collaboration across diverse SIGs that will be focused on fostering increased synergy and a comprehensive approach to member development. Our commitment to growing an interconnected community ensures a more holistic, enriching, participative, and impactful experience for all AEN members. 

Joining an SIG: A Commitment to Active Involvement

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer a unique chance for skill and knowledge development, and they thrive on the active participation of members. As part of the AEN, you have the privilege to join these groups, where your consistent and engaged involvement is key. Being part of an SIG is not just about attending meetings to watch and listen, it is also about contributing to discussions, sharing experiences, and collaborating with peers. This level of participation is vital in making our SIGs effective and in shaping the future of adult education. Your dedication to being an active member of the SIG will enrich your learning experience and the community.

The Eight SIG Tracks


Chairperson: Mavis Ng and Lim Han Ee 

Refine your coaching and mentoring techniques and business acumen through engaging discussions with fellow professionals. Elevate your practices by sharing ideas, gaining diverse perspectives, and drawing from collective experiences. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive four-part exploration designed to hone and amplify your coaching techniques.

1. Navigating the Future: Coaching in the Digital Platform Era (20 Feb 2024)
Measuring Success: Evidence-Based Coaching with Psychometrics (7 May 2024)
AI-Driven Coaching: The Future of Personalized Guidance (30 Jul 2024)

4. Team Coaching for High-Performance: Strategies and Best Practices (Q4/2024)

Critical Core Skills

Chairperson: Andrea Chan and Kris Loy

According to the Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report 2022, employers have been increasing their demand for specific soft skills (also known as Critical Core Skills) in their workforce (Refer to Critical Core Skills That Employers Want | Education, Career and Personal Development). Individuals who demonstrate a combination of soft and hard skills are seen as talents in demand. Therefore, it is important to hone both skills to become an all-rounded individual to enable organisations to stay nimble and agile. 

IAL recognises the momentum to create awareness and support individuals to embark on the journey of developing their critical core skills. In 2024, we explore 4 critical core skills, namely, in self-management, creative thinking, communication and transdisciplinary thinking. This presents opportunities for you to take actions to become a better ME to future-proof your practices and skills.  Me2.0 is a series of discovery and experiential engagements to bring you through a journey of self-reflection and exploring the possibilities to hone your critical core skills as Adult Educators and HR Professionals. This will in turn influence and inspire your learners and workforce to take charge of their critical core skills. 

1. My Critical Core Skills: Unlocking through Self-management 
(13 Mar 2024)
Navigating the Rise of Gen-AI: Practical Tips in Critical Thinking and Sense-Making (25 June 2024)
3. Meaningful Insights through Therapeutic Conversations (Q3/2024)
4. Innovation through Transdisciplinary Thinking

Find out more about Critical Core Skills at Critical Core Skills - What They Are And Why They Matter | Education, Career and Personal Development


Chairperson: Steven Koh and Sean Tan

Tailored for ambitious Adult Educators venturing into TAE entrepreneurship, this track cultivates your entrepreneurial acumen by delving into vital business aspects such as business model intricacies, market opportunity identification, Edtech product development, and effective fundraising and investment strategies. 

1.The ABCs of Edupreneurship: Aspiration, Business Models & Opportunities, and Community (Q2/2024)
2. Journey from Business to Profit: Marketing, Branding, and Investment Wisdom for Educator
s (Q4/2024) 


Chairperson: Chan Earn Meng and Tan Guan Heng

The Facilitation SIG is a platform dedicated to honing the art and science of facilitation. It is specifically designed for educators who aspire to elevate their facilitation skills to new heights. In this SIG, we will deep dive into specific tools and techniques of facilitation so that you develop facilitation core skills and experience firsthand the transformative impact that a skillfully conducted session can have on your learners. We will also engage in rich discussions with our peers – share case studies, exchange best practices, and learn from fellow professionals. Together, we can build a stronger community of skilled facilitators. This is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a chance to be part of a community that values growth, collaboration, and excellence in facilitation. Enhance your skills, share your experiences, and learn from the best.

1.Gamestorming: Facilitating Innovation and Creativity (7 Mar 2024)
Facilitating Meetings to Generate Creativity and Accountability (23 May 2024)
3. Stay tuned (Q3/2024)
4. Stay tuned 

Internationalisation (previously known as CET Entrepreneurship)

Chairperson: Ivan Chang

Targeting AEs and TAE businesses who are seeking to broaden their awareness of global education trends with the intent of scaling their businesses beyond Singapore. This SIG track aims for AEs to learn and explore project opportunities in the region and internationally. In addition, it equips them with a global perspective and enhances their competitiveness, aligning with the TAE sector’s aim to strengthen its resilience.

1. Internationalising your Adult Education business: Strategies & Entry Points for Considerations (23 Feb 2024)

2. Stay tuned (Q4/2024)

Learning Design

Chairperson: Bryan Tan and Michael Choy

In the dynamic realm of Adult Education, the ability to design captivating and compelling learning experiences is a cornerstone of success. As seasoned Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, you understand the transformative power of well-crafted learning interventions. For aspiring Training and Adult Education professionals, mastering the art of learning design is essential in shaping the future of education and work!


The Adult Education Network's Special Interest Group on Learning Design is thrilled to present an exclusive 4-part track designed to elevate your craft and equip you with the latest advancements in learning design. Guided by renowned curriculum development experts Bryan Tan and Dr Michael Choy, this immersive 4-part track will take you on a deep dive into the 4 Ps of learning design:

1. Process: Unleash the Power of Adaptive Problem-Solving (22 Mar 2024)

2. Strategic Insights to Becoming a Thriving Learning Designer (16 May 2024)
3. Principles: Infuse learning with Future-Oriented Pedagogy (Q3/2024)
4. Practices: Project-based Collaboration and Learning

Learning Technology 

Chairperson: Eunice Lim and Darren Tjan

Discover and stay on top of learning technology trends to support your professional practice as an Adult Educator. Collaborate with practitioners to share, experiment and harness various learning technologies to optimise learning experiences. Join us on this journey as we explore the transformative landscape of learning technology, creating a space where shared ideas and collective knowledge foster innovation and growth.

1. Beyond Zoom: Exploring Alternative Platforms for Collaborative Learning - Techniques and Tool (15 Mar 2024)
Digital Decipher - Unlock the Code - Escape Room Challenge (28 May 2024) 
3. Stay tuned (Q3/2024)
4. Stay tuned (Q4/2024)

Workplace Learning

Chairperson: Clare Poon and Cynthia Lau

Are you curious or have responsibilities in designing and implementing industry-aligned workplace learning programs? If yes, then join us along with workplace learning practitioners and enthusiasts to learn and discover the unique workplace learning initiatives and approaches in this current dynamic and evolving work environment.  We focus on the sharing of authentic successes and challenges and explore new practice possibilities so that you and your organisation can advance impactful workplace learning initiatives.

1. Innovative responses to emerging issues in workplace learning (27 Feb 2024)

2. From Workplace Initiative to Community Impact: Harnessing Technology to Transform (16 Apr 2024)

3. Stay tuned (Q3/2024)

4. Stay tuned (Q4/2024) 

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