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Grant Call 2023

Understanding the experience of low-wage workers: Challenges in lifelong learning participation

Assoc Prof. HO Moon-Ho, Nanyang Technological University

This project aims to understand the impact of psychosocial and institutional factors on the pursuit of lifelong learning among low-wage workers. Furthermore, our aim is to investigate the challenges low-wage workers face in developing and applying transferrable skills in both work and life. The results can be used to refine and develop policy, scheme, or pedagogy that caters to the needs of the low-wage working population and helps them engage better in learning, particularly the transferable skills.

Project Summary by PI here
Grant Call 2023

Modelling Self-Regulated Online Learning: Video- and Game-Based Learning

Associate Professor Goh Yang Miang, National University of Singapore

This project aims to answer the following research questions: 1. How can learning analytics be used to identify online learners’ SRL subprocesses during video-based learning (VBL) and DGBL? 2. What patterns of SRL subprocesses do online learners undergo during VBL and DGBL? 3. How do the patterns of SRL subprocesses differ between high- and low-performers? Deliverables: a. Open-source dataset and machine learning model b. Intervention strategies for low performers

Project Summary by PI here
Grant Call 2022

Purposeful Longevity: Fostering Better Work and Life of Ageing Individuals

Dr Lee Zee Wan, National University of Singapore

This study examines ways to improve the employability of older adults and promote purposeful longevity; and evaluate which continuing education and training (CET) can effectively increase their labour market outcomes, given the rapidly-changing labour market.

Project Summary by PI here

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