[SIG] Critical Core Skills: Navigating the Rise of Gen-AI: Practical Tips in Critical Thinking and Sense-Making

Lecturer iconAndrea Chan (Ms), Kris Loy (Ms) & Guest Speakers - Thum Cheng Cheong (Mr), Lawrens Tan (Mr), Natalie Ang (Ms) & Joy Ng (Ms)
Course Duration: 2.5 hours
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Course Dates

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This session is held on 25 June, 7.00pm - 9.30pm. Registration will close on 17 June, 2359hrs.


This session will be conducted face-to-face at IAL. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.

What Is The Session About?

This session designed to equip participants with practical strategies for cultivating critical thinking and sense-making in the era of Generative AI (Gen-AI). Through interactive sessions, attendees will learn how to harness these skills to navigate the digital landscape effectively and foster innovation in both the learning space and at the workplace. Our speakers will draw from their own experiences to illustrate the practical application of critical thinking and sense-making in real-world scenarios. In addition, you will get the opportunity to engage in a hands-on activity using clay to sculpt symbolic representations of their visions for the future of learning and work in a highly digitalized world, applying critical thinking and sense-making skills to your creation.

What Does The Session Cover?

At the end of this session, participants will be able to take-away the following: 

Identify practical tips for navigating digital environments with critical thinking and sense-making in the era of Generative AI (Gen-AI).
Apply critical thinking and sense-making to solve problems in digital learning and workplaces, fostering productivity and innovation.
Demonstrate understanding of digitalised learning and work through clay sculptures, using critical thinking and sense-making skills to symbolise the future of learning.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Adult Education: Individuals who are involved in learning design, curriculum development, learning facilitation, assessment of learning competence, learning technology integration and/or providing consultancy and advisory services to drive business performance.

Learning Management: Individuals who are involved in management and support of learning programmes, systems and technology management and implementation, quality assurance of learning programmes and/or driving business development.

Human Capital Development (HCD): Individuals who are in-company L&D staff who are involved in building employee capabilities to support business needs.

Course Funding and Policies

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About The Speaker

Joy Ng (Ms)

Joy Ng (Ms)

Registered Counsellor | TOUCH Community Services

Joy Ng is a full-time registered counsellor at TOUCH Mental Wellness, a service of TOUCH Community Services. In TOUCH Mental Wellness, Joy works with children and youths struggling with mental health. Her work includes providing evidence-based counseling intervention, conducting outreach and workshops on mental health-related topics, and advocacy. In the 3 years, Joy has experience working with children, youth, and adults struggling with mental health problems in children’s homes, and other Non-profit Organizations in Malaysia and Singapore. Joy sees it as a privilege to work alongside and bear witness to her clients’ healing, resilience, and growth so that they can value themselves and make significant changes in their lives.

Kris Loy (Ms)

Kris Loy (Ms)

Learning Facilitator and Consultant

Kris is a seasoned professional with over 24 years of expertise in HR development, business advisory and consultancy, and adult education. Her multifaceted roles include serving as facilitator, courseware developer, and consultant across training providers. Her recent engagements include contributing to a focal agency in Singapore as an associate assessor, facilitator, and consultant, focusing on inclusive employability. Additionally, she holds an adjunct lecturer position for a Master's programme at a local university. Kris' leadership extends further as she assumes the co-chair position at IAL’s AEN Special Interest Group, emphasising the importance of critical core skills in the Adult Education community.

Her collaborative efforts span various sectors, including continuing education and training, early childhood care, construction, food services, hospitality, landscape, private education, retail, accounting, and transport. Particularly noteworthy is her decade-long commitment to supporting the retail sector's people development needs through tailored education and training programmes. Kris has been actively involved in workplace learning and related initiatives, contributing significantly to over 40 projects across sectors in the last 8 years. Being ACTA/DACE certified, she is also involved in WSQ courseware development for various sectors, including interaction skills to commuters with special needs in the public transport sector and critical core skills development for human resource sector.

Kris brings a wealth of qualifications to her practice, with certifications such as IHRP Certified Professional, Certified Career Practitioner and Singapore Certified Management Consultant. She holds degrees including a Master of Arts in Lifelong Learning (IOE, UCL), a Graduate Diploma in System Analysis (ISS, NUS) and Bachelor of Science in Management (UOM). Her commitment to professional development is evident through certifications as a Workplace Learning Specialist, Specialist Adult Educator, and roles as an AE Mentor and Career Advisor, guiding professionals in the TAE sector. Past appointments as a SkillsFuture Mentor and Business Advisor (with ESG) underscore her extensive contributions to SMEs. Kris’ diverse skills set, coupled with her dedication to continuous learning and mentoring, positions her as a dynamic force in HR development, adult education, and consultancy.

Andrea Chan (Ms)

Andrea Chan (Ms)

Deputy Director | TOUCH Community Services

Andrea Chan is the Head of TOUCH Mental Wellness at TOUCH Wellness Group.

As a professional counsellor with a decade of critical experience in the private and social service sector, Andrea has worked with clients from all walks of life on marital, mental health, cyber wellness, and youth-related issues. With domain knowledge in mental health, she spearheaded the development of a state of mental wellness programmes for all ages at TOUCH.

Andrea also leads the Beyond the Label Campaign, a national mental wellness campaign, in Singapore. She works with various stakeholders to bring mental health awareness and intervention to the community. In addition to her advocacy work, she is in various national task forces to influence and support the implementation of national policies to make mental health servcies more accessible to people in Singapore.

As an ACLP-certified trainer, Andrea trains youths and adults on mental wellness. She is also an SSI trainer for mental wellness and cyber-related topics

Natalie Ang (Ms)

Natalie Ang (Ms)

Art Therapist | TOUCH Community Services

Natalie Ang is a full-time Art Therapist at TOUCH Mental Wellness, a service of TOUCH Community Services. In TOUCH Mental Wellness, Natalie works with children and youths with mental health-related struggles. Her work includes providing therapy, counselling, community-based mental health education, and advocacy. Natalie has a variety of experiences journeying with adult persons with mental health issues and children in the child protective service. Prior to her training in art therapy, Natalie worked for four years in a social service organisation focused on community-based work with youths, especially those facing adversities.

Natalie is earnest and detail-oriented in her work as a practitioner, seeking to hold compassionate and empowering spaces to foster growth and restoration. She hopes to support clients and their families to grow to become the best versions of themselves individually and as valuable community members. Natalie is accredited under ANZACATA as a creative arts therapist and is also MOE-registered.

Lawrens Tan (Mr)

Lawrens Tan (Mr)

Lecturer | Singapore Institute of Retail Studies, Nanyang Polytechnic

Lawrens Tan, is a full-time Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic's Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), focusing on designing and delivering courses in Social Media and Content Creation, Mobile Photography, and TikTok Digital Marketing. At SIRS, he is also involved in the Digital Mentorship Programme (DMP), where he shares valuable insights from real experiences and applications. This supports both individuals and businesses in enhancing their professional knowledge and skills in the digital and emerging technology landscape, leading to elevated and accelerated returns on their career and business growth.

His extensive experience comes from his previous roles in advertising. He is currently ranked 6th in the Advertising, Marketing, and Communications category by Designer Classifications (DAC) and serves as a member of the Grand Jury Panel for the A'Design International Design Awards in Milan since 2017.

Thum Cheng Cheong (Mr)

Thum Cheng Cheong (Mr)

Associate Lecturer | SIM Global Education and Singapore University of Social Sciences

Thum Cheng Cheong (Mr) graduated with a law degree in 1986 and started his career in law, gaining valuable experience as a practicing lawyer and later transitioning into an in-house legal adviser role in both local and foreign banks.

He became a mind map trainer and Associate Lecturer since 2008. Beyond his legal background, Thum has a strong interest in creativity and digital technology, constantly seeking new ways to integrate these into his work and presentations. In 2007, he made a significant mark in the mind mapping community by drawing the world's largest mind map which was unveiled in Singapore in 2007.

His presentation on “Redesigning materials into bite-size chunks which are delivered and shared in a mobile platform to engage learners and enhance memory anytime and anywhere” won the 2nd prize in InnovJAM Mobile Learning Innovation Day in 2018, highlighting his dedication to pushing boundaries.

He received an Innovation Seed Grant in 2017 from SUSS on “Improving the quality of student thinking with concept maps at the beginning of each lesson”. He received an innovation grant from SIMGE in 2018 for “Mobile Micro-Learning” and presented his research paper in an education conference in Vienna, Austria in 2019. He received the SUSS Award for Teaching Excellence (Honourable Mention) in 2022.