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If you missed attending our past innovLogue sessions, here you can watch some of our recent recordings of our innovLogue sessions!

Topic: Leaders who thrive in Complexity - the Lowdown on Growth and Maturity (11 August 2024)


1. Prof. Manu Kapur, Professor Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Director, The Future Learning Initiative (FLI) at ETH Zurich

2. Dr. Amy Tan BC, Managing Partner and Director at the Centre for Organisational Effectiveness (COE Pte Ltd); Co-Author of Multiple Books and Articles; Senior HR Leader

3. Dr. Alis AnagnostakisAdult Development Researcher; Group Facilitator; ICF PCC & Mentor Coach; Founder, Vertical Development Institute


Dr. Tommie ChenHead (Ecosystem), Research Division, Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore University of Social Sciences


The job of a leader has become increasingly complex with the emergence of factors such as climate change, sustainability and technology based economic disruptions fuelling uncertainty and volatility. This changing landscape has also widened leadership responsibilities beyond senior management to someone who inspires, guides, and supports the organisation, the team achieve shared goals, and aim higher and beyond.

Join us in unravelling leadership development, and how we can develop leaders’ tolerance for ambiguity, systemic thinking, and capacity to leverage paradox. What role does vertical a.k.a. capacity development play in developing leadership abilities?

How do we apply the concept of Productive Failure and embrace and reward failure be it basic, complex or intelligent in nature? What does managing and transforming ‘Self’ in leadership at the workplace and beyond, look like?


Dr. Amy Tan BC

Dr. Alis Anagnostakis

Topic: Bridging Mature Worker Employability with Training and Job Redesign. (17 August 2023)


1. Assoc. Prof. Carol Ma Hok Ka, Head of Gerontology Programme Senior Fellow, Centre for Experiential Learning, Singapore University of Social Sciences

2. Dr. Silin Yang, Deputy Director (Strategy Group) of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)

3. Mr. Leslie LenusArea Director of Talent & Culture, Novotel Singapore on Stevens


Nilanjana SaxenaSenior Manager, Programme & Project Management, Innovation Centre at Institute for Adult Learning


In 2020, 44.8% of Singapore’s population was aged 45 years or over*. By 2030, 23.8% (almost 1 out of every 4) will be aged 65 or over**. Our Total Fertility Rate is 1.12**, just over half the replacement rate of 2.1% (2021) There’s no denying it – our ageing workforce is an issue that’s here to stay. To stave off the effects of a reduction in our workforce, we have to sustain the employability of our current older workers, and those efforts have to start now.

What strategies can employers adopt to keep their experienced and skilled older workers?

What can older workers do to stay employable, and find meaningful jobs?

Are our current job redesign efforts enough to overcome the challenges of the ageing workforce

Can our current training provisions adequately raise the capabilities of older workers and plug their skills gaps?


Assoc. Prof. Carol Ma

Dr. Silin Yang

Mr. Leslie Lenus

Topic: Rethinking Flipped Learning. Are We Doing It Right? (15 June 2023)


Professor Manu Kapur, Professor Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Director, The Future Learning Initiative (FLI) at ETH Zurich


Nilanjana SaxenaSenior Manager, Programme & Project Management, innovation Centre at Institute for Adult Learning


Flipped Learning emerged as a promising new approach to training, moving ‘active learning’ into the classroom to improve training outcomes. Yet recent studies seem to indicate the results haven’t been as good as expected, and enthusiasm for the approach is waning. How well has it served you? In this session, we take a fresh look at Flipped Learning, examining what works and what doesn’t, what the latest research has to say, and what changes we can make to put the hype back into Flipped Learning!


  1. Rethinking flipped learning: The 4F model 

Kapur, M., Hattie, J., Grossman, I., & Sinha, T. (2022, November). Corrigendum: Fail, flip, fix, and feed–Rethinking flipped learning: A review of meta-analyses and a subsequent meta-analysis (Front. Educ.,(2022), 7,(956416), 10.3389/feduc. 2022.956416). In Frontiers in Education (Vol. 7, p. 1098967). Frontiers Media SA.

Abridged paper, hyperlink:

  1. Learning sciences for the practitioners, with examples:  Overson, C. E., Hakala, C. M., Kordonowy, L. L., & Benassi, V. A. (Eds.). (2023). In their own words: What scholars and teachers want you to know about why and how to apply the science of learning in your academic setting. Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Topic: Generative AI: A Solution to Challenges in Adult Learning (21 April 2023)


1. Dr. Leong Mun Kew, Director, Graduate Programmes at the Institute of Systems Science (ISS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) 

2. Asst. Prof Roy Ka-Wei Lee, Head of Social AI studio, SUTD; Deputy Director (Industry) at SUTD AI Mega Centre

3. Assoc. Prof Eric Gan Kok Wah, Head, IP and Innovation Management, SUSS


Dr. James (Kayliang) OngFounder & Managing Director Artificial Intelligence International institute (AIII)


Are you ready to discover the exciting possibilities of generative AI in education, training, work and innovation? Join our thought-provoking panel dialogue session as we dive into the transformative power of generative AI tools. As the field of generative AI continues to evolve, the traditional roles of trainers and educators are being redefined. Is it possible for robots to design lessons and assess learning outcomes as effectively as humans? And what ethical and Intellectual Property considerations should we be aware of when implementing AI tools in education and training? Gain valuable insights into the rapidly changing landscape of AI in education and uncover new ways to transform our learning, assessment, and skilling systems. Register now and stay ahead of the curve in the age of AI.


Dr. Leong Mun Kew

Asst. Prof Roy Ka-Wei Lee

Assoc. Prof Eric Gan Kok Wah

Topic: Skill vs Technology: Augmenting the role of Human Capital in Advanced Manufacturing Transformation (30 March 2023)



1. Mr. Jonathan Hia, Head of the XR Centre of Excellence, ST Engineering Training & Simulation Systems

2. Dr Ronald Chung, Head of Specialist Solutions Architects, ASEAN Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

3. Dr Liu Shiyu, Head of Skills Development, Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy (AMTA)

4. Ms. Goh Soo Lin, Senior Research Engineer @A*STAR SIMTech


Mr. Daryl LimCo-founder & Managing Partner, Design Thinkers Academy Singapore


Join our expert panel as they delve into the role of human capital and skills in the fast-growing Advanced Manufacturing industry. Discover how real-world L&D solutions are keeping workers at the centre of innovation and technology in the sector.


Dr Liu Shiyu and Goh Soo Lin

Digital Twin - ST Engineering & AWS

Topic: Is EdTech Failing To Deliver? (15 Sep 2022)



1. Dr. Samson Tan, Head Strategic Development, Civica, Former Head, Centre for Innovation in Learning, NIE

2. Mr. Sandeep A, Founder & Managing Partner, Kaizenvest

3. Mr. Alvinder Singh, Managing Director, VisionarySchoolmen


Mr. Darren Tjan, Principal Consultant, @The Learn Better Co.


The global EdTech industry continues to grow exponentially, and is expected to reach USD 605 billion by 2027. But how much do we know about what actually works to impact learning outcomes? How well does current EdTech facilitate skill acquisition, and bridge the education-to-employment gap, amid constantly evolving workforce needs? Join us in examining the state of EdTech from a learning sciences perspective in this innovLogue session. Our panel discusses how to create solutions for real-world learning needs, offers tips on improving EdTech effectiveness, and more, all to boost learning and business performance!

Presentation Materials:

Presentation Material

Topic: Leveraging Failure for 'L&D' Success (18 Aug 2022)



1. Professor Manu Kapur, Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and directs The Future Learning Initiative (FLI) at ETH Zurich 

Prior to his current incumbent position, Professor Kapur was a Professor of Psychological Studies at the Education University of Hong Kong. He also worked at the National Institute of Education (NIE/NTU) of Singapore as the Head of the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Department, as well as the Head of the Learning Sciences Lab (LSL). Prof Kapur will share about Productive Failure (PF), its latest developments and how these could apply to adult learning, more so in a COVID digitalized learning world. Full Bio:

2. Professor Michael J. Jacobson, Professor and Chair of Education | Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation | Co-Convener, Advanced Learning Technologies SIG, University of Sydney, Australia

Michael is also an Honorary Associate in the School of Medical Sciences, Co-Director of the Learning, Cognitive, and Brain Sciences Research Group, and an Affiliate of the New England Complex Systems Institute. His research explores groundbreaking learning approaches such as Productive Failure combined with advance learning technology systems including AI virtual worlds and agent-based modeling and visualization tools. Michael has published extensively in areas related to the learning and cognitive sciences and technology, given invited talks at international conferences, and served as an educational and business consultant in Australia and internationally. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991. Full Bio:

3. Dr. Parveen Sandhu (In-Person), Facilitator and Learning experience Designer, Surge Consulting | Specialist Adult educator (Curriculum Development), IAL

Dr. Parveen Sandhu is an engaging educator, workplace learning specialist, facilitator and public speaker whose work focuses on ‘right-fit’ in both design and delivery. She uses impactful design interventions to create tangible learning whilst inspiring mind-set growth amongst people of diverse backgrounds. At IAL, she facilitates programmes on learning design and delivery. She works with a wide spectrum of learners from MNCs, SMEs and public institutes, helping them shift from traditional learning mind-sets to ones that are responsive to the needs of a rapidly changing world of work. Dr. Sandhu, will share on her teaching experiences of incorporating ‘Elements of Productive Failure’ in her IAL classes- focusing on challenges faces and lessons learned. Full Bio: 


Dr. Michael Choy (present In-Person), Chief Executive Officer at Tech Tree Pte Ltd, Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development), IAL

Spanning over 2 decades, Dr. Michael Choy started his career in education as a trained psychologist addressing the learning needs of children (e.g. dyslexia and ADHD). As part of his work in the MOE, Singapore, and subsequently, through his own consultancy company, he trained more than 7,000 teachers in Singapore, ASEAN and China over 10 years. His proprietary learning and teaching styles programme was used across 40 schools to train more than 45,000 students. Full Bio: 


Against the backdrop of today's volatile, complex working environment, learning is no longer for the here and now. It must prepare us to face the future. So, how can we transform training to meet ever-changing workforce and business needs?

"Learning by doing" and "Learning from your mistakes" are not new, and used more commonly than we may realize. Productive Failure takes these ideas further and gives them a repeatable structure with quality outcomes — the benefits while navigating pitfalls.

Join us for a panel discussion to not just explore the role of failure in learning, but also gain tips on how corporate L&D can learn to leverage on past unsuccessful experiences to quickly transform practices to achieve better results. How could it foster a resilient workforce? Discuss with experts from Zurich, Sydney and Singapore, also from the adult teaching and learning sphere on their take on ‘learning from failure’ as a pedagogical and practical approach.

If you are an Adult Educator, and would want to participate in a project to develop Productive Failure for adult learning, check out this webpage and apply for it.

Presentation Materials:

Prof Jacobson's Slides

Dr. Parveen Sandhu's Slides

Topic: Bridging Learning and Work Performance with Learning Analytics (26 May 2022)


Panel Members:

Moderated by Dr. Alex Biotteau, Senior Researcher Fellow and Research Coordinator for ALSET, NUS


Gain practical insights on how analytics are being applied to address two major concerns in the Learning and Development space – Business and Learning Performance. Learn how relevant data can be captured and translated into important information for strategic planning and decision making.

Take this chance to gain tips on not just HOW to kickstart your exploration but also HOW to continue using data to elevate business, learning and work performance. Deep dive into analytics together with leading experts and practitioners.

Presentation Materials:

A/Prof Lee Yew Haur's Slides

Mr. Evan Dumas's Slides

Topic: Innovation the DNA for Growth (7 April 2022)


Panel Members:

  • Dr Chen Zan, Principal Researcher, Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore University of Social Sciences.
  • Mr. Patrick Low, Global Government Industry Expert, Huawei Enterprise Business Group
  • Dr Lynda Wee, Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Growth Specialist Bootstrap Pte Ltd

Moderated by Ms. Eunice Lim, Director, RE Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd


What exactly is innovation in the TAE context, and how can you and your organisation innovate to bolster business performance? IAL research has shown that training providers that actively invest and innovate in product, process, organisational development and marketing do better in the marketplace. This innovLogue session connects the dots, discovering the WHAT and HOW of better business outcomes through innovation, and how it can be carried out in small, manageable steps.

Presentation Materials:

Dr. Lynda Wee's Slides

Mr. Patrick Low's Slides

Topic: Wealth of Talent: a new lens to unlock people potential (21 January 2022)

Panel Members:

Moderated by Ms. Anuradha Naik, HR & Training Advisor, CSRWorks International


On the road to bolstering their talent pools, well-meaning organisations often inadvertently stifle the talent available to them, limiting the very potential they seek to unleash. How do we unlock that potential and transcend talent scarcity? Original research by IAL has yielded Wealth of Talent, a path to coupling learning with current business models, talent strategies and reward systems that allows organisations to make the most of their human capital. Building workplaces high in trust and discretion, empowering workers to shape their changing business environment and get ahead of fierce competition- join us to discuss how learning practitioners can work to influence broader organisational design and optimize learning, innovation, and business performance.

Presentation Materials:

Ms. Sahara Sadik's Slides