Learning Pathways for the Existing TAE Professional

ACLP for the Existing TAE Professional (Modularised Learning)



If you have already attained the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) full qualification, you continue to be recognised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) as meeting SSG’s Adult Education (AE) Qualifications Requirements for the training and assessment of SSG-Funded Certifiable courses. 


For the Existing TAE Professional

As an existing TAE professional, are you keen to be updated with blended learning facilitation methods and design learning solutions to enhance learning effectiveness for performance outcomes?

Choose to pursue your ACLP journey with just-in-time, bite-sized learning experience through Modularised Learning pathway.


Note: If you wish to be recognised for your TAE qualifications and/or experience and gain credit exemptions, embark on the Enhanced Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway option instead.


Modularised Learning - Learning Pathway Options



There is no standalone module for ACLP Module 1. Please read the "IMPORTANT NOTE" below before enrolling into any standalone module. Applicants who do not fulfil the below criteria yet choose to enrol into the Modularised Pathway will be deemed to have no intention to complete the ACLP full qualification. Subsequent decision to take Module 1 will require the applicant to enrol into the Cohort Based Learning Pathway and pay the course fee for the full ACLP programme.



Please sign up for the Modularised Learning Pathway ONLY IF you fulfil at least ONE of the following criteria:

  1. You have attained full ACTA qualification
  2. You have been awarded one or more credit exemptions for the ACLP programme (Note: If your credit exemption does not include M1, please write to askIAL@ial.edu.sg for assistance to enrol into M1.)
  3. You have completed ACLP Module 1 or 2 and are not enrolled into the full cohort pathway

Applicants who do not meet any of the criteria above are not eligible to sign up for standalone modules. By proceeding to register, it is deemed that you do not intend to complete the ACLP full qualification. Please be informed that you will have to pay the course fees for the full ACLP programme when you join the Cohort Pathway to complete your outstanding module(s).

Module Code Module Title Schedules and Registration


Facilitate Learning Experiences for Adult Learners
Understand key principles in adult learning, instructional design and classroom learning delivery to facilitate learning experiences aligned to learner needs and desired outcomes.

Not available via Modularised Learning. If you are keen, please go to


Adopt Skills Framework for Professional GrowthNEW!
Adopt the Skills Framework for different stakeholders – employers, employees and training providers to enhance your learning programme and work activities.


Facilitate Technology-Enabled LearningNEW!
Adapt readily available learning technology tools to incorporate, enhance and facilitate technology-enabled experiences for your learners. 


**Please note that ACLP M3 will be conducted fully online.


**To sign up for ACLP M3 standalone module, you should fulfil the following requirements:


  • completed ACLP M1 or you possess other training/facilitation related qualification
  • able to use word processing and presentation software. E.g. MS Word and PowerPoint
  • able to use web conferencing software. E.g. Zoom
  • knowledge on the use Google Classroom would be preferred


Facilitate Workplace LearningNEW! ^
Develop and facilitate workplace learning interventions aligned to learners and enterprise needs to drive performance outcomes. 


**To sign up for ACLP M4 standalone module, you should have completed ACLP M1 or you possess other training/facilitation related qualification.




Design Learning Solutions to Address Performance NeedsNEW!
Design and develop learning solutions by scoping problems and prototyping solutions to drive performance.


**To sign up for ACLP M5 standalone module, you should have completed ACLP M1 or you possess other training/facilitation related qualification.



Interpret WSQ and Assess Competence
Learn how to interpret the Singapore WSQ system and its competency standards to design and implement competency based assessments. 


**To sign up for ACLP E1 standalone module, you should have completed ACLP M1 or you possess other training/facilitation related qualification.



Assess Workplace Learning NEW! ^
Learn how to design and implement workplace learning assessments and provide feedback to your learners. 


**To sign up for ACLP E2 standalone module, you should have completed ACLP M4 or possess other Workplace Learning Facilitation related qualification/certification.


ACLP modules are aligned to Skills Framework for Training and Adult Education sector’s Technical Skills and Competencies. For a complete list of ACLP modules and module overview, please click here.


^ In line with the national emphasis to encourage lifelong learning, IAL will be releasing programmes with modules that are designed as stackable credentials. The ACLP modules of M4 and E2 are part of the WSQ Workplace Learning Facilitator (WLF) programme, and graduates of the WLF programme will gain advance standing when progressing into the WSQ ACLP programme. For details on the WLF programme, please refer to www.ial.edu.sg/wlf.


Entry Requirements


Please refer to the registration pages for the entry requirements of the respective ACLP modules.


Programme Fees






Payment Advisory


For payment details for self-sponsored and company-sponsored registrations, please click here.




For ACLP programme related information, see Programme FAQ. 

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