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IAL is growing a strong track record in pedagogical innovation and research, with a sound reputation as the leading Training and Adult Education (TAE) institute in Singapore. To build on our research, IAL has plans to develop a research translation stream and create a common space for co-developing, trialling and experimentation by IAL and its partners. Our current projects include:

Leveraging Productive Failure (PF) for Adult Learning

The project calls on a select group of Adult Educators to co-develop a framework / toolbox / guideline on PF (Productive Failure) for Adult Learning through insights and findings from designing and trialing PF interventions in real learning environments. Interested participants will be selected based on the diversity required in the project. On completion of the project and agreed deliverables, participating AEs would receive an honorarium in appreciation of their time and contributions.
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Innovation Appetite and Readiness of Enterprises in Singapore

The objective of this study is to provide insights into the innovation landscape in Singapore by looking at each stage of the innovation-decision process, as well as additional relevant factors.
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At inlab, we have created a set of what we called innovSeries programmes which are designed to empower the Training and Adult Education (TAE) professionals to innovate their training beyond the norm and maximise the efficacy of individual's learning back in the actual workplace. Our InnovSeries programmes bring different stakeholders to Explore, Collaborate and Innovate.


InnovSeries comprises two idea and prototype competitive innovation grant initiatives - innovPlus and innovJam; two knowledge awareness platforms - innovLogue and innovBite and a capability development initiatives specificaaly for Training Providers and Enterprises with Learning & Development (L&D) units - innovDev.

A competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes. The innovPlus Challenge is run twice a year.

innovPlus Challenge 2022 Run 1 is currently ongoing. Click here for more information.

innovPlus Challenge 2022 Run 2 is now open for registration. Click here for more information.

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A programme that offers just the right help to build the kernel of an idea, test, iterate and validate it to transform it into a fully developed learning solution that could deepen professional skills, impact the way people learn and increase productivity.
Our latest round of innovJam 2022 taps on IMDA's Open Innovation Platform (OIP) to address sector-wide L&D challenges and we have identified 3 L&D Challenge Themes to tackle. If you think you have the solution to address any of the challenge, we welcome you to participate in this round of OIP innovation call. Click HERE or the image below to find out more (under Sector-Wide Challenges). 

A programme sets out to bridge research and practice for better learning outcomes via a two-hour seminar and panel-led dialogue. The session is held once, every two-months. Be inspired by specially invited gurus and expert practitioners and engage them in panel discussions and Q&A.
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innovBite provides bite-sized learning on the topics that we felt are important for our stakeholders, from individual trainers, someone who needs to engage audience online to enterprise stakeholders. For more details,click here or the picture below.
Over the years, IAL Innovation Centre have curated learntech recommendations, called Cost-effective and Easy-to-use tools. Find out some of the platforms to make your training, discussion and collaboration easier. Browse our Resources for Delivering Online Learning.
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innovDev - Launched in August 2020, alongside the Training Adult Education (TAE) Industry Digital Plan (IDP), innovDev is designed to equip Training Providers and Enterprises with Learning & Development units (TP&Es) with necessary capabilities to redesign their present courses into quality tech-enabled or blended courses.
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