Innovation Activities




Find out about learning innovations through iN.LAB programmes which are designed to empower training and adult education professionals to take learning beyond traditional face-to-face classroom delivery, and maximise the application of learning back in the actual workplace.


Innov-Series Events


iN.LAB runs the Innov-Series to bring different stakeholders to Explore, Collaborate and Innovate. The series comprises two signature initiatives—InnovPLUS and InnovJAM; and two sharing sessions—InnovLOGUE and InnovBITE.


Run twice a year, InnovPLUS is a competitive grant that address real-life learning challenges faced by organisations, for better CET outcomes and delivery.


Winners of the challenge will receive the prestigious FLAME Award which is worth up to SGD200,000 as prototype development grant.


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Based on a pre-identified theme, InnovJAM focuses on helping TAE          
professionals acquire the right capabilities to apply learning innovations    
purposefully in their learning design and delivery. Each quarterly theme
comprises a series of half-day or full-day seminars, workshops and/or

Information on the upcoming session will be published soon.

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InnovLOGUE sets out to bridge research and practice for better CET
outcomes via a two-hour seminar and panel-led dialogue. The
sessions are held on a bi-monthly basis.

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A form of peer or informal learning, InnovBITE is a quick, one-hour
learn-over-lunch sharing by acknowledged experts from the CET 
community.Topics covered are wide-ranging: from success stories,
tips and tricks that work to insider know-hows. The sessions are 
held on a monthly basis.

Information on the upcoming session will be published soon.

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